Friday, January 25, 2008

Wonderful Guide To Gel Candles

The gel candles are simply amazing with the sweet smell they give out, the beautiful look they create and appearance they give. It has gained popularity more than any other candles manufactured. More manufacturers are turning their attention towards making of gel candles for its alluring beauty, once you see you are bound to get attracted as it can resemble a small aquarium depicting marine life in the bottom or a small decorative piece with miniature figurines.

The gel candles are different from the other candles as they involve mineral oil and plastic polymer for its making wherein 95% mineral oil and 5% polymer resin gel is used. They can be used as a home decor and maximum relaxing properties can be derived when used as aromatherapy gel candles. The gel candles as the name suggests are like gel, transparent and clear. With this property the gel candles can be made with the cascade of colors and gives ample scope for creativity and ornamentation.

If you want to pursue gel candle making as a hobby or look up as a small business, in both cases you will enjoy the work as it involves lot more creativity and imagination where sky is the limit. The gel candles making supplies are easily available in stores where you get the traditional wax. Even the gel candle making supply kits can be used as it comes well equipped with all the necessary things needed for making gel candles. There are seashells, beads and small figurines which can be suspended in the gel and give them unique and artistic appearance or you can add swirls of colors.

This is not all people have made their imagination run wild and have created wonderful images out of the gel used for the gel candles. It has very well served as the tool for their imagination; some have created the exact replica of the drinks they enjoy the most like Cactus Margarita, a Strawberry Daiquiri, and a Martini in big glasses. Even there are beer mug gel candles with the quarter drifting downward to the bottom of the glass and another with the pair of dice floating in the middle or can be made resembling your favorite delicacies like hot apple, blue berry and strawberry pies and fruits in canning jars. Even the fragrance will compliment the replicas of the drinks and delicacies created. The pleasant scent can be of Toasted Marshmallow, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Mulled Cider, Pecan Pie, Honeydew Melon and many more.

Gel candles are not only known for their beauty but also for its long lasting nature. The gel candles burns twice as long as the ordinary one with burn time of 280 hours. They are delightful and completely amazing for one and all.


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