Friday, January 25, 2008

Sofa Beds: Better Than A Bed, Better Than A Sofa

When it is time to get a new sofa, either because your old one needs to be replaced, or you do not have one yet, or need some extra seating, consider getting a sofa bed. Sofa beds are better than ordinary sofas. Other than giving you comfortable seating space, they also double as a bed. Sofa beds are great for the living room, and can even work well in the bedroom in place of the bed.

In the living room, sofa beds can function as regular sofas by day, while transforming into beds for visitors when the need arises. They come in different fabrics, allowing you to find a sofa bed that matches your existing decor with ease. For those who want all their living room furniture to match perfectly, many stores offer sofa bed sets complete with chairs that match the sofa bed, end tables, and coffee tables.

In the bedroom, sofa beds are a popular alternative to ordinary beds. Many people prefer to sleep on sofa beds because they take up lesser space than regular beds, allowing the occupant of the room to have more space for other furniture or more leg space. Sofa beds come in the same sizes as regular beds. At night, this gives the user the same comfort as an ordinary bed. During the day, it serves as a great lounging area for watching DVDs, listening to music, or just hanging out in the bedroom.

Buying a sofa bed is similar to buying either a sofa or a bed. It takes time and effort to find the perfect sofa bed. It is advisable that you first measure the area where you want the sofa bed to be. Make sure that you get both the length and width measurements so that you wont end up with a sofa bed that is too tall, too wide, too short or too narrow. Once you have your measurements, you can head off to your favorite furniture store and look at the sofa beds that they have to offer. There are many types of sofa beds in the market. Among them are the pullout sofa bed, the hidden sofa bed, and the futon. Try to look at different types of sofa beds and try them out. Sit on them, lie on them, and get a feel of the comfort that they provide. The sofa bed should be firm, but not too hard. You should be able to comfortably sit on it, yet not feel like you are sinking. It should be cozy enough to sleep on. Keep your mind open. You might end up choosing a sofa bed that you thought you would never consider buying.

Not satisfied with how your sofa bed looks? You can dress it up or update its look with pillows, throws, and covers. You will be amazed at how much difference a simple cotton or chenille throw can make when it is draped over your sofa bed, or how dramatic a simple change of pillows or covers can be for your sofa bed’s look.

If you want more value for your money, think about getting a sofa bed. It is both a bed and a sofa in one very versatile piece of furniture.


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