Monday, October 01, 2007

Romania far-right leader supports scandal-friendly starlet for Parliament

Corneliu Vadim Tudor, the leader of Romanian far-right group Greater Romania Party (PRM), considers offering a place on PRM’s list of candidates in future parliamentary elections to Oana Zavoranu, a locally-known telenovela (soap opera) star with a huge appetite for scandals in the media.

Vadim lauded Zavoranu, who now serves as one of his aides, saying that she deserved appreciation and recognition for her activities.

Zavoranu, who’s been figuring prominently in the media as a telenovela actress and a series of public scandals involving her family, joined PRM in November 2006.

Vadim said he made her the offer because the Romanian political life needed some revival with young politicians who “know how to talk and have public appeal”., Sep 28, 2007

''Don't accept your first bribe"

The CONCEPT foundation and Transparency International Romania launched on Thursday a campaigned designed to inform youngsters in the Romanian universities on the "small corruption" phenomenon.

The "Don't accept your first bribe" campaign will take place between October and November 2007.

The campaign addresses youngsters aged 18 to 30, in urban areas, who will become active players in the areas most exposed to small corruption: health care, Justice, Police and administration., Sep 28, 2007

New Romanian Patriarch installed on Sunday

The new Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church was officially installed in office at the Patriarchal Church in Bucharest on SUnday. Some 30 foreign delegations and hundreds of Christians attended the ceremony. Naturally, Romanian President Traian Basescu and PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu were also present at the event.

The ceremony lasted for about 12 hours and, even if the people were not allowed to enter the Patriarchy, they could watch it from two big screens in the courtyard. About 400 police officers were mobilized to keep order and prevent any incidents.

The new Patriarch received the highest state honor from Romanian President Traian Basescu on the occasion. Daniel said he will take the medal as a gratitude sign for the Romanian Church. Moreover, he said he stands for a greater involvement of the Church in the societal issues.

Patriarch Daniel was named as new head of the Romanian Orthodox Church in September 40 days after the death of late Patriarch Teoctist., Oct 1, 2007

Romanian Opera singer David Ohanesian passed away

Romanian baritone David Ohanesian, 80, passed away on Sunday night. Ohanesian has sung on the most famous world stages, accompanying celebrities like Luciano Pavarotti, Montserrat Caballe, Placido Domingo, Leontyne Price or Brigitte Nilsson.

According to NewsIn, Ohanesian took part in more than 2000 opera shows and played about 40 roles, among which the memorable Oedipus of George Enescu, Romania’s most famous composer.

Ohanesian was present on most of the stages in the world like Paris, Athens, Berlin, Sofia, Stockholm, Moscow or Lausanne., Oct 1, 2007

DaimlerChrysler received order to deliver 500 buses to Bucharest

The Bucharest Transportation Department (RATB) signed a contract with Daimler Chrysler group in September for another 500 Mercedes Benz Citaro buses which will be used in the Romanian capital city, a press release of the German company shows.

DaimlerChrysler did not give any other details regarding the contract but Bucharest officials told that the order amounts to 105 million euro.

The first 50 busses will be delivered in December this year and the rest will arrive by 2009.

At the end of 2006 local authorities acquired a first batch of 500 buses of the same type, the last of which were delivered this summer., Oct 1, 2007

What the newspapers say: October 1, 2007

As students return for a new academic year, newspapers on Monday debate a draft law that may well bite into their existing rights.

The papers also focus on the ceremony that saw the new Romanian Patriarch take office and on his vision for the future of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

On the earthly side, a Romanian Association in Rome, Italy will protest against Rome mayor's declarations depicting Romanians as villains.

About eight thousand students return in the vibrant Romanian capital and other big cities across Romania for the opening of a new academic year on Monday. Evenimentul Zilei reads about a Parliamentary draft law regulating student’s status.

The newspaper warns that the proposed draft infringes the students' rights to subsidies and scholarships.

Students threaten to boycott the new draft if it fails to clearly mention the student’s right for scholarships and a place in the student halls.

All newspapers today read about the installation ceremony of the new Romanian Patriarch, Daniel - the new leader of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Romania Libera reads about the new Patriarch’s envisioned future of the Church, as Daniel outlined three distinct lines: he argued for continuity, unity within the Church and for an increased role of the Church in society.

Cotidianul adds that Daniel plans to expand at a national level the religious television and newspaper network that he set up as archbishop of Moldova.

Gandul reads about the presence of politicians at the ceremony. Naturally, the paper argues, no one missed the opportunity. Romanian President, Traian Basescu honored the Patriarch with the highest Romanian honor.

Romania Libera quotes experts saying that the gesture symbolizes the state’s humble submission to the Church.

Elsewhere in the newspapers, Rome’s mayor Walter Veltroni recently declared that 75.5% of villains arrested in Rome are Romanians, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Plus, he intensified his political declarations against the Romanian community in Rome, threatening to address the issue to European officials if Romanian authorities cannot resolve the migrants problem.

Veltroni has even visited Romania, June this year to talk about the immigrant’s problem with the Romanian authorities. At the time, the concern was centered upon the gypsies in Rome.

Veltroni asked for Romanian authorities support in setting up a homeless shelter for the gypsies found on Rome’s streets.

The reaction of the Romanian community in Italy was clear: the Romanian Party organization is planning a protest on Wednesday against the Mayor’s declarations.

Party spokesperson, Miruna Cajvaneanu argues that Romanians working legally in Italy feel discriminated against., Oct 1, 2007

President Basescu meets supporters in downtown Bucharest as promised in impeachment referendum

He fails to deliver report on his accomplishments for past 4 months

Romanian President Basescu showed up in Bucharest's University Square on Saturday night to comply with his promise that he would meet his supporters regularly after they helped him pass an impeachment referendum in spring this year.

Some 1,000 people attended the manifestation where Basescu only spoke for several minutes given that another demonstration was taking place in the vicinity.

Basescu's speech lacked political statements as the square hosted a counter-manifestation, organized by ex-President Emil Constantinescu and the National Peasants Party (PNTCD).

Basescu asked the police to knock down the fences delimitating the supporters, saying that “Romanians need to be together”.

President Basescu explained to the journalists that he was unable to deliver the promised report to the people due to the counter-manifestation. Basescu said he will produce the report in the last weekend of December.

In May this year, as he survived a referendum aimed at removing him from office, Basescu had promised to deliver regular reports on his accomplishments as head of state.

On the other side of the fence, former Romanian President, Emil Constantinescu who organized the counter-manifestation without the needed approvals said that he wante to prevent the Square - which was the main stage of the Romanian revolution in 1989 - to become an electoral tool., Oct 1, 2007