Friday, January 25, 2008

How You Can Learn to Benefit from Lessons in Perseverance to Succeed

"Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th." - Julie Andrews. Perseverance can been one of the most important words in one’s life. Through challenges, many of us have seen where perseverance prevails and the challenges are met.

Perseverance revolves around one strong will to keep going even when all odds are against him or her. It is a situation which tests an individual real courage in facing to the challenges and reality in life. Most of us have witnessed real success stories in people’s life. From a personal experience, it has been a fantastic spectacle to learn and observed individuals who bounce back from difficult phase in life and lead on to achieve success.

What can one learn from going through perseverance tests and lessons in life? Firstly, withstanding challenges and going through perseverance will enabled the individuals to learn more about themselves in times of adversity. They will learn how to handle their emotions better in such situations. Such learning lessons and experiences can enable one to grow well as a person holistically.

Secondly, through experiences in perseverance, sharing can be done effectively to benefit others. For example, after five challenging years in business, John finally achieved a level of success in his eyes as an entrepreneur. His journey to success in
entrepreneurship has been a challenging one. He had gone through a tough childhood. It was a life cycle that involved losing the loves ones and lack of financial assistance. Life was a challenge when he was young. He was a very sad boy but he was determined to succeed in life.

He trained himself to have a strong will and persevere to achieve success in life. With his continual willingness to learn, John decided to head on the entrepreneurship path to find his way to success. He created goals and plan to achieve success in his life. With action taken, he went through obstacles such rejections, bad sales period, team management crisis and being at the lowest point of his life. John viewed such experiences as a process towards his success. He continues to view mistakes as learning opportunities and kept on persevering before his hard work finally paid off.

Through his success, he continued to share with people about his journey to success. People, especially the young generations were inspired from his experiences and learn from him the definition of persevering in life to be successful.

Going through perseverance can be a challenging phase in life but one must realize that such journeys can be a wonderful and worthy experience to help one grow well as a person.


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