Friday, January 25, 2008

How to Experience Great Happiness and Success in Ones Life

"Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy." - Brian Tracy. Experiencing happiness in life can come in many different forms.It can come in the form of spending precious moments with your loved ones, helping others, sharing and inspiring others, joyous moments in sports, overcoming the odds and achieving financial success. Most of the time, at the end, we felt a sense of accomplishment when we are really happy. It is a fantastic feeling.

Sometimes there were occasions when happy and great moments are taken for granted. One must understand that there are ups and downs in life are part of it. As much as we are saddened by tragic moments in life, we must rejoice the wonderful and fantastic moments in life. Let use the following story to learn about living and rejoicing happiness in life after tragic experiences.

Pete was leading a simple life. He has not faced major challenges and he was always glad and thought he was lucky that he did not need to go through difficult periods in life as some did. He was an active in sports. In his personal life, he was very complacent and thought that his life would be pretty much the same.

Then one day, while playing his favorite sport, football. Pete twisted and injured his knee badly. His injury aggravated and he went through the painful surgery and rehabilitation period. Initially, it was so difficult as he could barely walked normally. Pete couldn’t believe that he is going through all this. He began to face challenges after challenges since then.

People doubt about his capabilities to perform in his sports and work due to his injury. In fact, Pete even doubted about himself too. His self esteem reached at all time low.Pete fate went for the worst stage when in midst of him recovering, he lost his loved ones due to critical illness. He was shattered and devastated.

It took Pete months before finally one day; he started to redefine his life again. He realized that life is short and he can use his learning experiences and impact others positively. Pete felt that his sharing especially with the new young generations would leave a significant impact in their lives. With great confidence, he pursued this path and seeks to inspire the young generations to understand that obstacles and challenges help them grow. He realized through the sharing with the young minds, great happiness and success will head in your directions. Pete appreciates and rejoices every single moments of it. His good and bad experiences had enabled him to develop himself in a happy and positive individual.

It is said that life can be define by yourself and you most probably become what you perceive yourself to be in future .If you are able to define your life clearly, great happiness and success would most likely heads and makes it way in your life.


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