Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Using Your SureBind System With Your Plastic Comb Binding Punch

SureBind was designed to be compatible with GBC Plastic Comb Binding systems. This means paper and covers can be punched on any GBC Plastic Comb Binding punch, and bound using the SureBind System; which increases production by gaining higher punching capabilities, and allowing two operators to work at the same time.

SureBind strips were designed to fit or align with the rectangular holes produced by a Plastic Comb Binding punch. The SureBind strips fit through every other hole of the 19 hole punched paper. The first pin is located at the end of the first hole and the second pin is located at the beginning of the third hole. These posts take the "play" out of the document and keep it from moving between the strips after being bound. All other posts fall in the center of the rectangular holes. Take a piece of paper punched with the rectangular holes and feed a SureBind strip through the holes to see exactly how it aligns.

You already know how to punch paper with all of GBC’s plastic binding machines, so the actual punching should not be a problem. However, you do have to make some very important adjustments on the plastic binding unit before you punch the paper to be used with Surebind.

First, adjust the Side Guide on the Comb Binding machine so that the 19 holes are perfectly centered on your 11" sheet.

Next, adjust the Back Guide Depth setting on the Comb Binding unit to the middle setting. Note: To increase the productivity of the binding unit, only use ten punch pins for SureBind. This allows you to increase the thickness of the lift you are punching, because you are using fewer dies, creating les pressure and stress on the internal parts of the punch. You can increase the punching capacity from 10% to 50%, depending on which GBC punch you are using. If you start punching with hole #1, pull the punch pins out on dies #2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 as they are not needed. Be aware, not all GBC plastic comb binding machines allow access to all 22 die pins. Always start disengaging pins by starting with what would be the 2nd die pin, and start pulling out every other pin that is accessible to you.

After you have made the necessary adjustments on the Binding Machine you are using, punch the documents for binding with SureBind, and bind it with SureBind strips. If you have any difficulties, just call us and ask us for help. MyBinding carries the full GBC line of Plastic Comb Binding Machines, SureBind Binding Machines and SureBind supplies.


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