Tuesday, December 04, 2007

GBC SureBind An Introduction to Strip Binding Systems

Strip Binding is a professional, attractive and secure means of assembling loose, written communications into professionally-bound documents. Strip binding can be accomplished via two methods; namely, SureBind and VeloBind. The end resulting product looks identical; however, there are subtle differences in the mechanical parts of the elements. Velobind is the forerunner of strip binding, having been developed in 1960. After GBC acquired Velobind, they incorporated the strip binding method into the GBC line, creating numerous other benefits of the product. VeloBind dies can still be purchased for the System Three Pro, MagnaPunch and AP-2. However, SureBind is the lead strip binding product offered by GBC / Ibico.

SureBind is strip binding with the additional benefit of working in conjunction with GBC Plastic Binding elements, which are on 9/16" centers. The major benefit is that someone already using a GBC Plastic Binding system can take a punched document and bind it with SureBind for a different look or for use with GBC’s boardroom-quality hard cases. In addition, using the strip binding method while punching with GBC Plastic binding increases the Plastic Comb binding punching productivity by 30 to 50%.

The main differences between SureBind and Velobind strips are:

-SureBind combs have 10 pins, while Velobind combs have 11 pins with corresponding holes in the receiver strips.
-SureBind pins are slightly offset to fit snugly into the holes of a plastic binding-punched documents. This maintains the integrity of the bind, preventing shifting around inside the larger binding holes. Velobind pins are spaced evenly along the strip.
-SureBind combs and strips are slightly wider than Velobind so that the GBC rectangular holes are completely covered.

Strip binding uses tamper resistant plastic strips to lock proposals, briefs, litigation, materials, forecasts, etc. (any loose papers up to 3" thick - that’s 750 sheets of 20lb bond paper!) into place. This system offers the ultimate in security for a customer’s bound documents. No unauthorized additions or deletions can be made. This unique hot knife process securely binds documents by heat riveting two plastic strips together. This permanent bind is more secure than comb binding, wire binding, coil binding or any other binding style on the market.

SureBind and Velobind strips offer the maximum in versatility, with minimum inventory requirements (only three different-sized strips bind documents from 2 pages to 750 pages). The finished document is easy to mail, file and store because of the compact nature of the strip. A strip bound document can be finished in either soft, flush cut covers or boardroom-quality hard covers.


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