Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Understanding the Difference Between the Four Different Types of GBC Velobind Strips

Shopping for Velobind Binding strips can be very confusing. Many people have seen the Velobind product but don’t realize that there are actually several types of Velobind strips. However, when you go to buy Velobind strips you are expected to know what kind you need. This article is designed to provide a quick overview of the four main types of Velobind Strips.

1. Velobind Hot Knife (11 Pin): The first type of Velobind strip is hot knife strips. These 11 pin hot knife strips are used by the Velobind System One , Velobind System Two and Velobind System Three Pro. The Velobind Machine takes the comb (the part with the pins sticking out) and rivets it to the receiving strip using heat. This provides a permanent and secure bind with an extremely professional look. These strips are available in a number of different colors and can also be purchase in 8.5" lengths and in 14" lengths for legal sized binding.

2. 4 Pin Recloseable Velobind: The second most common type of Velobind strip is the 4 pin Recloseable Velobind strip. These four pin strips are designed for use with the GBC Velobind V110e punch and with the Velobind V50 punch (now discontinued). With GBC 4 Pin Recloseable Velobind Strips the excess part of the comb simply snaps into the back of the receiving strip making it easy to edit your books and documents later. Four pin Velobind strips offer the look and feel of GBC Velobind without the need to purchase an expensive new hotknife Velobind machine.

3. 6 Pin Recloseable Velobind: Six Pin GBC Velobind binding strips were designed for use with the now discontinued GBC Personal Velobind System. These strips consist of a comb with six small pins that snap into the receiving strip (just like the four pin Velobind strips).

4. Velobind One Eleven Strips: GBC One Eleven Velobind Strips are designed for ues with the One Eleven 111 Velobinder. These manual compression Velobind strips have unique serrated binding prongs to ensure a permanent and secure bind. GBC One Eleven Binding strips are available in black only and in two different sizes.

In addition to these four different types of Velobind Strips GBC also makes SureBind strips which work in an identical fashion to the Velobind 11 Pin Hot Knife strips but have ten pins designed to line up with the hole pattern for comb binding. These strips are less common than traditional Velobind strips and are slightly wider.


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