Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Improve Your Business’s Performance and Boost Sales Using Teleconferences and Teleseminars

On-going training is vital to the success of businesses particularly in today’s rapidly changing environment. Most companies either bring in trainers and consultants to work with their staff. In some cases the manager of a company may deliver employee training. While face-to-face training is invaluable there are several advantages to delivering training via teleconferences or teleseminars.

1. Teleconferences are an inexpensive way to deliver training.
2. The event can be recorded so that staff can have access to the information after the live presentation.
3. Frequently Asked questions (FAQs) can be incorporated into the training material so that listeners can have permanent access to an accurate record of the answers to the FAQs.
4. Travel costs for trainers and those participating in the training are eliminated - ideal for companies with offices in different locations, even different countries.
5. Teleseminars or teleconferences can be quickly prepared and made available so that important updates can be speedily communicated.
6. Employees can have access to the live event or a recording of it regardless of their geographical location.
7. Teleseminars can help to improve the induction process of new employees, helping them to get up-to-speed in as short a time as possible.
8. Teleconferences or teleseminars can help boost cohesion among different teams and teams working in different locations.

Employees can also be encouraged to devise their own teleseminars for their teams. You know what they say - you know when you have successfully learnt something when you are able to teach it. Naturally, they will need instruction on the best practice when devising teleseminars but this is an investment that will pay for itself many times over and many employees may even be happy to undertake such training on their own time because of its applications outside of the work environment and additional benefits such as increasing self-esteem and self-confidence.

However, teleconferences and teleseminars are not just a way to deliver in-house training. They are also used by companies who core role is to deliver training. Take for instance, Coach U. Classes are delivered in a teleconference or teleseminars with study guides and other support material being available in pdf format as well as hard copies. As a result of this training system Coach U is vibrant international community and students have the advantage of benefiting from Coach U’s curriculum in addition to the diversity and broad experience of Coach U’s community as staff and students can originate from almost anywhere in the world.

Teleconferences and teleseminars are a great way to market events. They offer potential consumers the chance to try before they buy and the opportunity to get to know you better. This is especially important with customers who may not have had any previous experience with you. It often takes several contacts before they feel they can trust you enough to buy from you.

A teleconference or teleseminar has an advantage over other forms of communication such as postcards, letters and emails because a teleseminar allows the person to hear your voice and this helps to create intimacy. Also, the person can also hear how others relate to you. For instance, you may be interviewing someone or you may be the interviewee. Your relationship with the other person can be very revealing. Also, the feedback you receive from other attendees of the teleseminar is also very important in helping a newcomer build a opinion of you and your company.

A teleconference or teleseminar provides the facility for your prospects to ask questions and for them to listen to the responses to questions posed by other participants. When a prospect starts asking clarifying questions you are part-way to closing the sale.

If you are hosting a live training event then teleseminars are a great way to promote the event, introduce event’s speakers and promote what they will be teaching, i.e. the benefits of attending. Again, it allows you to build trust - a key element in creating any sale and critical when salespeople today are still treated with suspicion.

Teleseminars are a great way to create buzz around a particular event so that your event stays at the forefront of people’s minds - a challenge these days when there are so many things vying for people’s attention. You want people to eagerly anticipate your event and attend the event with high energy and high expectation.

Pre-event teleseminars can also help to prepare delegates for your event so that they are able to optimise the experience. The more they gain from the event the more likely they will be to attend other of your events and refer it to others. In this way you can increase your business’s mailing list and increase your sales and your profits.


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