Friday, December 07, 2007

Top Paid Survey Program to Make a Full Time Income With

Taking surveys online has always been an awesome way for companies to implement their marketing strategy.

The best way for companies to run their business is by having feedback from customers. The reason that many companies will pay people to take surveys that they put out is because they want to make sure that they arent doing the wrong thing with there business.

Another reason why companies will pay people that are willing to take surveys is because they know that if they do pay money, then they will get more and more people to take their surveys. These companies thrive for opinions. They would rather pay people a good amount of money for their opinion rather then waste millions of dollars on the wrong marketing approach.

You may be wondering know how much these companies are willing to pay people like you and me?

Well, usually the amount of money they pay depends on the factor of how long the surveys are. The thing with making survey taking a full time income job, your main focus should be on the longer surveys because they pay the best and highest. The more paid surveys that you set yourself up to do the more money you will make in the end. So, you can make a goal to take a lot of the long surveys to profit more from.

Some of the surveys that are much longer usually tend to pay anywhere between $5-$150. While most of the shorter ones are usually ranged between .50 cents- $3. With some survey directory sites you could also even have the opportunity to join a focus group. Focus groups make a lot of money and are paid by the hour.

Im talking about if you spend like two hours in a focus group, you could definitely make around $200 just for that. That is some quick cash right there!

How to Get Started:

You are going to have to register with many companies that offer surveys. You will have to register your name, address and a few other details on how you would like to get paid. Another way to get started is to join a site that will continually throw these types of surveys for you. Usually it is better to join a site rather then seeking out surveys because these sites also have many other different cash offers.

Some of these offers include getting paid to eat out, getting paid to drive, joining focus groups, and much more.


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