Friday, December 07, 2007

Jewelry Business Strategies: List Marketing

Selling handcrafted jewelry is a competitive business in a relatively saturated market, so how do you make yourself stand out from the sea of other jewelry makers? One great marketing strategy is to have a mailing list and to actively send out mailings.

Here are 9 great reasons any jewelry artist should build and nurture a mailing list.

1. To remind people that you exist.

People are very busy these days, have a lot on their plate. They are very easily distracted and sidetracked. I know I am, despite my best efforts! I receive a number of newsletters by email, and I am much more likely to return to these companies websites than the ones I bookmark and mean to go back to. Enough said.

2. To make it easy for people to find you and contact you

Sometimes people need help. Even if they mean to call you or order online from you, they may forget, become distracted, or may forget your business name. They may make a mental note to contact you but never get around to it. Make it easy for them by sending them regular mailings.

3. To build trust

This is a very timely concept. People have been scammed, let down, and under-serviced so many times that they are naturally wary and suspicious of anyone trying to sell them anything. Getting your name in front of people on a regular basis and sending them quality information with their needs in mind goes a long way towards building trust.

4. To build relationships

In our fast-paced world where everyone is bombarded constantly with advertising from huge impersonal businesses, people seek a connection. If you can make that connection and allow people into your world, they begin to feel they know you. This is of course positive for you and your business.

5. To keep in touch with your existing customers.

You have peoples’ addresses because they have given them to you either through an online subscription, personal inquiry, by asking to be added to your mailing list, or by in some way asking you to contact them further. If your customers and prospects have shown interest in getting updates from you, you are doing them a disservice if you don’t follow up.

Have you ever inquired about a product by email and never gotten a response? How did that make you feel? I know that I feel like the company is poorly managed and that they clearly don’t care about their customers. People get very excited by even basic customer service nowadays so give them a little by sending them newsletters, notifications and updates.

6. To follow up leads.

Leads are people who have shown interest in your work or your business but need more incentive to buy. This goes back to the 7-10 rule which states that people statistically need to become familiar with you by seeing you 7-10 times before trusting you enough to purchase something they want from you.

7. To make more sales from your existing customer base.

It is Easier to Sell to a Customer than a Prospect i.e. It is much easier to convince previous customers to buy more from you than it is to convince someone to buy from you the first time.

This is assuming of course that they had a good experience with you in the past. Regular customers are most businesses bread and butter. Offer them the good stuff first and they’ll keep coming back. A mailing list is the perfect way to notify them of your promotions and new products first.

8. To target your marketing and make the best use of your time.

Your time is limited and you want to get as much bang for your buck as possible. A mailing list is made up of people who are already interested in you and your products or services so following up with them by email is a great use of your time.

9. To give great customer service and extra value.
Sending out regular mailings is just part of great customer service. If you do it respectfully, regular mailing can make make your customers feel cared for and special.


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