Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tips for Finishing Documents Using the GBC TL2900

If you have a GBC TL2900 wire closer (formerly the Ibico 340WB) you might be wondering how you can best use it to close the wire on your documents. Fortunately, using the TL2900 is actually quite easy. Here are some simple steps for binding documents with the this wire closer …

1. Select the appropriate size wire binding element for your document by either using the chart below, or using the Wire Size Guage Label on the TL2900 as a reference

2. Adjust the knob so that the desired size shows approximately in the center of the window. TIP: This is a starting point reference. It is best to make a test bind and adust the knob for your personal preference. To make the crimp tighter, turn the knob so that the number of moves toward you in the clear window. Slight adjustments may be necessary to achieve the perfect crimp. It is acceptable for the wire size to appear anywhere within the window.

3. Load the wire element onto the support hooks. TIP: Hold the wire loosely across the trips of your fingers, with the wide hooks facing downward. Orient with the left edge just touching the Edge Guide. Allow the wire to naturally find itself on the hooks with a dropping motion as you guide the wire up and over. Once you get the feel for this motion, you will be able to easily hang the wire onto the books.

4. Thread the document contents onto the hooks, oriented so that the first faces up. Then thread the front cover face up onto the wire document. Finally thread the back cover, inside up, onto the wire element. (As an alternative you may prefer to stack the entire document as per 5, 6, 7 above, and lay the whole document on the wire hooks at one time to show ease of operation - try working with the system both ways until you are comfortable with it.

5. Bring the clamp forward over the hooks.

6. Press and HOLD the two activation buttons on either side of the closer, until the LED’s indicate, "DONE".

7. Push the clamp back.

8. Remove the bound document from the hooks by gently pulling upward on the document until the wire is out of the hooks. Do not pull forward on the book, as you may risk breaking the hook.

9. Flip the back cover around so that the wire seam is hidden between the last page and the back cover of the document.


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