Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Exploring GBC Strip Binding Supplies

The distinctive look of GBC / Ibico Strip Binding has made it one of the most sought after binding methods. This unique method of securing loose pages enables the user to present a prestigious image with either elegant soft covers or boardroom quality hard covers. The temper resistant "hot knife" process heat seals and rivets the binding comb and receiving strip together, increasing the security of confidential documents so no unauthorized additions or deletions can be made. This binding method portrays an image of importance, which assures it will be read and acted upon. In addition, it provides the maximum in versatility in that only three different sized combs allow for binding documents from as few as two sheets to up to 3" of material. This reduces inventory requirements.

The cover supplies for GBC / Ibico strip binding systems range from economical "smooth" paper stock to high image, coated "regency" paper stock and boardroom quality Velobind / SureBind Hardcases.

Pick up a Velobind comb (that’s the one with the pins). Notice the comb has ten pins and the Velobind has eleven pins. These pins are fed through holes in the document to be bound and into the receiving strip where the unused portion of the comb is severed and the heating mechanism heat seals it to form a rivet. The comb also has a pin that is longer than the others. This will be discussed in the equipment operating section.

Pick up both styles of receiving strips, and look at the grainy (textured) side of the strip. This side should always be placed so that it will appear on the outside of the back cover of the document. This gives the document a finished appearance. Turn the perforated strip over, and look at the inside. Notice the Velobind strip has thirteen holes. The two small holes at either end are "locator" holes, which are used to align the strip on the VeloBind unit during binding. The other eleven holes match the pins of the comb strip. The strip has one locator pin and ten comb pin holes. Place the comb strip and receiving strip together to see how they fit.

Strip Binding is available in comb thicknesses for documents 1", 2" and 3" thick. They are available in stock lengths to fit documents with binding edges of 8-1/2", 11" and 14".

SureBind strips are manufactured on GBC / Ibico 19 ring Plastic Binding centers, which means that a document that has been punched with 19-holes can be bound using a strip.


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