Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tahiti Cruise Is Not To Be Missed

Tahitian Islands, otherwise French Polynesia, is an aggregation of 35 islands and 83 atolls. Each of the islands and atolls in French Polynesia is truly incredible and is considered a paradise on earth.

Cruising along the Tahiti and its islands is really an unforgettable experience, with its perfect turquoise and crystal-like blue waters, enchanting tropical scenery, superb white sandy beaches, year-round salubrious climate, cooling breezes, and above all, the outstandingly welcoming French Polynesian natives.

In other words, no other options would be better than embarking on an ocean voyage to explore the romantic as well as unspoilt islets of the South Pacific. After a cruising along the Tahitian islands as well as some of the majestic destinations, it is obvious that you feel as if some of your dreams have been fulfilled.

Some of the much preferred destinations for shore excursions in the Tahitian islands are Tahiti, also referred to as the ’Queen of the Pacific;’ Bora Bora, a much favored destination among the honeymooners and newly weds; Moorea, a spectacular vacation spot noted for its deep bays and majestic beaches; Raiatea, endowed with lush scenery; Taha’a, with its green valleys and paradise-like sandy beaches; and Huahine, an isolated island bestowed with lush tropical vegetation and velvety green slopes.

Tahitian cruising is quite unique, and allows you to choose from a variety of ships and itineraries. Among which, perhaps the most popular cruise lines are Regent with its M/S Paul Gauguin and Princess along with Tahitian Princess. Regent Paul Gaugin, with facilities to accommodate 320 guests, offers a week long cruise, starting from the bustling capital city, Papeete in Tahiti.

Attached with almost all high-end facilities, Regent Paul Gaugin provides its guests options to enjoy an array of activities, with its Fare Tahiti Gallery, displaying Polynesian art and artifacts, vibrant folkloric shows, and small boats as well as ships in order to navigate through narrow channels and shallow lagoons, where larger vessels cannot traverse.

On the other hand, the 594 feet long Tahitian Princess carries 670 passengers, and usually offers 10-day long cruise. Voyagers can choose from any of the three unique itineraries. Usually, the trip starts from Papeete, Tahiti, and includes calls at such destinations as Moorea, Bora Bora, and Raiatea. On board facilities cover more than 200 cabins with private balcony, four restaurants, poolside barbeque grill, beauty saloon, and duty free shops.

Both of these cruise lines are excellent for first-time cruisers. They provide a deep insight into the local Tahitian culture as well as authentic music and dance shows of the region. Additionally, these cruise ships traverse through almost all must-see Tahitian islands including Bora Bora, Raiatea, Taha’a, and Moorea, and offer superb facilities to enjoy a range of activities from waterskiing and fishing to snorkeling and kayaking.

Excellent options are also available in the form of boutique ships such as Bora Bora Cruises, operating two cruise yachts, each of them with capacity to carry 70 passengers. Another great option for Tahitian cruising is Archipels Cruises, departing from Bora Bora. Archipels Cruises offers yachts and comfy catamarans to explore the majestic beauty of the islands.

For adventurers, cruise lines such as Aranui 3, with capacity to hold 200 passengers, provide 16-day adventure trip, starting from Papeete and covering some incredible destinations in the Tuamotu and the Marquesas archipelagos. This cruise line allows you to discover the world’s uncharted regions in an in-depth manner. Further, cruising with the Aranui 3 enables you to experience the unspoilt scenery of remote islands and atolls.

In addition, many of the major cruise lines offers superb value packages for weddings, honeymoons, and to celebrate wedding anniversaries. However, it is recommended to make bookings in advance at least three months before.

Cruising through the Tahitian islands is not only a great way to explore the serenity of these islands but also a great alternative over staying in some high-end accommodations in the region. For instance, staying in the renowned water bungalows spread across the lagoons of Bora Bora as well as Moorea, it costs about $900 per night.

A lot number of tour operators and agents are now to provide you everything in order to make your Tahitian vacation unforgettable. Some of them even take care everything from arranging for a memorable time in both land and water to options to enjoy a variety of activities including sightseeing. Since many of them have their own websites, it enables you to make bookings easily online and that too within the comforts of your home.


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