Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Earn Money with Ezines: Are Ezines Still Worth My Time

With video, audio and blog marketing becoming so popular some net marketers are beginning to question if ezines are still worth their time and can you earn money with ezines.

Why bother drafting an article to send directly to your subscribers when you could just as easily throw together a video to place on video syndication sites, thus driving customers to your site that way.

Below are some reasons why you should continue to produce ezines and if you haven’t already started you’ll be inspired to do so and begin to earn money with ezines.

Reason 1: Email is the internet

A large percentage of first time web browsers come onto the internet first and foremost to connect with friends and families. Thus far, there is no other online communication method that is simpler, faster and more effective than email.

Established net marketers know this. They know that most online users can not understand html or RSS feeds but virtually everyone can grasp and use email. Knowing this, net marketers choose ezines as one of their channels to deliver their messages swiftly and worry free.

Ezines work because they are a convenient way for web browsers to get the information they want. The ezine arrives directly in the subscriber’s inbox without hassle.

A publisher can send his ezine to thousands of people without worrying about postage or paper bulk. Every other known method of delivering your information still requires the user to take action. This may involve logging onto the website to view a video or hear an audio or typing in a URL to participate in a forum discussion.

Ezines are convenient for readers and publishers alike. Once the email is sent the user can choose when they want to read it while the publisher has the potential to reach thousands of users he would not otherwise be able to connect with which increases his profit margin without doing anymore work than he already is.

Nearly every internet marketer will agree that while they may get bored and sell their domain name they will never part with their subscriber list.

For many marketers having a website is not nearly as important as having a group of people that are responsive to their ezines and thanks to emails, marketers can deliver their message more effectively with no effort on the reader’s part.

What’s more the reader knows that the information he or she is getting is something they requested.

Reason 2: Ezines are designed for a specific group

People opt-in to receive more information on topics related to your site. The information is catered to them. Someone who is interested in green tea will opt for a newsletter if it provides valuable information pertaining to that subject. If they did not want more information they would not bother to subscribe.

Ezines give people the power of choice. They subscribe because they want the information, in order for a web browser to get the information you publish they have to make the decision to subscribe. And if they decide they no longer want it they can opt-out or put you on their black list.

But to avoid this scenario web marketers make the effort to ensure that the information they provide is on topic and helpful. Or at least they should. The number of people flocking to the web may increase on a daily basis but they are also more wary than they were five years ago thus ezines must be valuable to reader if they are to be effective.

Reason 3: Ezines are helpful

A truly valuable ezine helps everyone involved (both the reader and publisher). These types of ezine work on building trust by providing the reader with the information they seek first before they even begin to "sell." A well produced ezine sells itself by taking customer service to the next step.

Ezines can be in the form of providing information on a niche topic or they may even offer further information on a product that was already bought from the site. The key is to keep readers happy by give them what they want.

They in turn will provide you with traffic, sales or more subscribers. And in case you’re wondering if subscribers are really giving back to the publisher here’s a quick case to prove my point.

A solo ad went one time to an ezine with about 18,000 subscribers. The ad generated 1218 unique clicks, 957 sales, 69 gross profits per sale: $29.97, Total gross profit: $2067.93

Inspired yet?

The bottom line is people find ezines to be helpful and they repay the publisher by purchasing products or signing up for services offered in the ezine to earn money with ezines. If you’re not producing an ezine you’re missing out on a high income potential and you can guarantee that you’re giving your sales to your competition.


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