Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Romantic Wedding Destination in French Polynesia

Wedding is once in a lifetime event for couples and hence should be celebrated in a unique way. A variety of options are open to you in order to make your wedding truly special. One of the best options would be to conduct your wedding in any of the incredible destinations outside your home country.

Among the wedding destinations, probably the best would be the French Polynesian Islands in the South Pacific. Better known by the name of its main island, Tahiti, French Polynesia is truly an amazing destination to exchange your marriage vows.

French Polynesia is an archipelago consisting of 118 islands, which are categorized into five island groups, such as, Society Islands, Tuamotu Islands, Marquisas Islands, Gambier Islands, and Austral Islands. Each of the islands found here is unique, and is especially noted for its picturesque surroundings consisting of palm fringed beaches, sparkling blue lagoons, rich flora and fauna, and the breathtaking turquoise sea. In short, Tahiti and its island are among the most romantic destinations on the planet.

The biggest as well as the main island in the French Polynesia, Tahiti in the Society group of islands is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the South Pacific. With its lush world consisting of dazzling waterfalls, soaring mountains, amazing plateaus, and pools, Tahiti provides a perfect base for weddings and honeymoons.

Bora Bora is yet another popular destination for weddings in French Polynesia, which is bestowed with towering volcanic peaks, lush green vegetation, and beautiful lagoons filled with rare as well as colorful fish and corals. To enjoy an authentic Polynesian wedding ceremony, a best destination would be Moorea, which is home to the much famed Tiki Village Cultural Center, a favored spot to perform traditional Polynesian royal weddings.

The Tiki Village provides options for three types of wedding ceremonies including the Princess Wedding, the Royal Wedding, and the Royal Deluxe Wedding. The Princess Wedding is complete with an exotic Tahitian village, the service of the village chief as well as the High priest to conduct the wedding ceremony, local musicians and dancers, beautiful crowns and garlands made of exotic flowers, photos of the ceremony, and a marriage certificate made of Tapa.

Included in the Royal Wedding packages are arrival of bride and groom from the hotel in a canoe, carrying of the couples by the Polynesian warriors in a royal chair on completion of the marriage ceremony, a romantic cruise on a royal canoe accompanied by musicians, and honeymoon night on a royal floating house. When comes to the Royal Deluxe Wedding, it combines all of the above, apart from a choir of Tahitian people singing during the wedding ceremony and a fabulous Tahitian dance show.

Popular wedding destinations in French Polynesia also include Rangiroa - the second largest atoll in the world. Situated in the Tuamotu Archipelago, Rangiroa boasts of stunning views comprising vast lagoon with stunning marine life. Qamea, Yasawa Islands, and Rarotonga, are the other great islands ideal for wedding functions, among many others are the sought after destinations for weddings.

No matter you have chosen which French Polynesian destination for your wedding, a traditional Polynesian ceremony is wonderful, unforgettable, and is considered a dream comes true. On the wedding day, the bride to be is treated like a princess, and the women of the village pamper her with aromatic flowers and Tahitian Monoi oils. Then dress her in Tahitian clothing. On the other hand, the groom is taken to a nearby beach to get tattooed. He is then dressed like a High Chief. After this, he returns the wedding spot. Mostly, the wedding ceremony is conducted in the Tahitian language, and there would be an interpreter to translate it to the couples. On the completion of the ceremony, champagne is served, which is followed by a wonderful Tahitian dance show.

However, weddings conducted in Tahiti are not legally recognized in the US. Hence, the United States residents interested in getting married here are recommended to have a legal ceremony in the US, and then come here to renew your marriage vows with a traditional Polynesian wedding ceremony. Further, there are certain requirements in order to get married in the Tahitian islands, such as at least one month of residency in French Polynesia prior to the marriage, birth certificates of both bride and groom, a copy of the notarized marriage contract, and celibacy certificate.

Many upscale resorts and hotels in French Polynesia offer superb packages for a memorable wedding. In most cases, the wedding packages are inclusive of assistance of a wedding planner to plan your wedding, traditional Tahitian wedding ceremony, a bottle of champagne, a sunset cruise, romantic dinner, and pictures of wedding ceremony taken by a professional photographer. These packages are also customized according to your specifications.


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