Friday, December 07, 2007

Lay Down Your Bottles On Wine Racks

great accessory for any home is a beautiful wine rack with fine bottles of wine aging for the perfect occasion. Wine racks are not only a nice looking additions to your home, but they also provide a great place to safely store as many bottles of wine as you choose.

There are several styles of wine racks available for the home that make choosing something to fit the decor and needs of the home easy to accomplish. With some careful shopping the homeowner can surely find the perfect rack for their home.

Classic Metal Wine Racks

One nice style of wine rack is the classic metal racks. These racks normally come in a black rod iron style with swirls and bends made to safely hold each bottle. The racks can be small, holding three or four bottles, or can be large enough to hold several bottles. Sometimes the metal wine racks are combined with wood or marble to provide a place to set or open and pour a bottle of wine.

Wood Wine Racks

Many people like the down-to-earth look of wood wine racks. These racks often resemble the large racks of a wine cellar while holding a smaller amount of bottle for the casual wine drinker.

The wooden racks come in a variety of wood types and stains making it easy to find something to match the other furnishings in the home. The basic style racks can be very inexpensive to buy, but if you want high quality wood with elaborate designs you will need to pay for it.

Wine Rack Cabinets

A very nice idea to add a piece of furniture to the home and provide a wine rack for good storage of the bottle is for the home owner to purchase a wine cabinet. Wine cabinets are a beautiful additions to any home.

The cabinets come in small styles holding a dozen or so bottles or can be large models that will take up an entire wall. These cabinets have space for glasses and other wine accessories and also often have a place to display some trinkets or collectibles. For a person who enjoys collecting and serving wine this is a great piece of furniture for the home.

As you can see there are several different types of wine racks or places to store your fine wine. Picking a wine rack is all up to you. It depends on your budget, style, and current decor of your home. When you find the right wine rack it should be a beautiful addition to your home.


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