Friday, December 07, 2007

The Fast Easy Way to Housebreak a Pomeranian Dog

Housebreak a Pomeranian puppy the easy way. Expert Pomeranian breeders have devised a fast, easy, and foolproof method to have your Pomeranian dog or puppy housebroken in record time.

Simply stated, consistency is the key to housebreaking. More important than any other factor, one must be methodical in their methods by reinforcing the same routine each and every time.

To begin, it’s imperative that you bring your puppy directly from its crate to the outdoors consistently using the same path and door. Once outside, place your puppy in the same spot, every time. Next, you must use the same words each time. "Potty,’ "Go,’ "Go Potty." It doesn’t matter which phrase you use, provided it’s the same one each time. Remain outside until your Pomeranian has fully completed its business. Don’t pick the dog up after three minutes because you’re tired and want to go indoors. Wait patiently outside, using consistent words of positive reinforcement, until your dog is ready.

Once inside again, you’re halfway completed with the routine of housebreaking your Pomeranian puppy. Next, set the buzzer on your kitchen stove for twenty minutes. When the buzzer goes off, take your puppy outside again using the same doorway as before. Again, patiently wait and encourage your dog using the same words as before. Your positive tone of voice and body language will work wonders in the housebreaking process. Before you know, your Pomeranian will be accustomed to the routine and will be willing to let you know when it needs to go.

Ideally, you should not even consider getting a puppy unless you have the time to devote to its training. If you must resort, however, to leaving it in a crate for ten to twelve hours a day, make sure the crate is large enough to accommodate a bed, food and water, and a potty-pee pad all spread out with ample space. When the dog uses the potty-pee pad, do not encourage it but do not punish, either. Simply ignore the fact that he’s gone on the potty-pee pad while you were at work. It’s acceptable, but it’s certainly not praiseworthy.

When you do return home after a long day at work immediately take your Pomeranian from its crate and carry it outside. Make certain you carry your puppy outdoors, because his small bladder will likely be so full that he’ll be unable walk for long. Then, complete the housebreaking process described above ensuring you set the kitchen stove buzzer and take go outside again twenty minutes later.

Do not become discouraged with the amount of time it can take to housebreak your Pomeranian. The breed is notoriously difficulty to housebreak, and each dog will require a different amount of time to train.

While such advice works well for puppies, it can also be applied to second-home or rescue Pomeranians. Such older dogs are likely already housebroken, but they still need to be shown the proper area and pathway to use. By consistently carrying them outdoors and using the stove timer method, your older dog can be housebroken in its new environment in a matter of days.

Simply stated, housebreaking your Pomeranian doesn’t need to be a tedious practice. By consistently applying the method mentioned above, you will find that housebreaking can be a fast and easy process.


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