Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Earning Money As A Mobile DJ - A Great Way To Earn A Living

Do you like music? You should learn to Dj.It is possible to start in this venture with very little experience.Forget about trying to emulate the top Dj’s that can come later.It is very possible with a little practice to carve out a career in this industry

There are lots of people around where you live and they all have birthdays,anniversary’s and a host of other special occasions where your skills could be needed.It is very easy to spend loads of money on equipment that you don’t need.If you have a broad liking of all styles of music and feel you could choose music depending on an audience then you stand a good chance of making this venture work for you.You could be up and running in no time.

You do not have to be a master in mixing and scratching as this technique is the cutting edge of the trade.It is possible for a beginner to build a reputation and grow a business with little outlay.There are many mistakes you could make along the way so be prepared.Here’s a list of things you’ll need to know.

What sort of venues to choose and how to present yourself.How to set up your equipment and things you must avoid.Doing discos for people who know you and what type of music to stock.How to play to the audience and what to expect at the end of the evening.Expanding into other avenues and drumming up business with no advertising.Displaying the right image and using modern equipment to make your life easier.You’ll need to know these things if you want to learn to Dj.

Lighting effects can be very expensive but it is possible to get a great effect with just a couple of lights.Two pin spot lights directed onto a glass revolving ball will create a real retro feel that fills the room. Use an ultra violet light in a dark room as well to create a great effect where anything white or fluorecent will magically glow. Both of these effects are very cheap but very effective.

There is some fantastic software on the market that allows you to use a laptop to do away with cd’s and a mixing console.Your computer stores all your music on the hard drive and there is an on screen pair of virtual cd decks that you just drag music from a file on to the virtual decks and the music will automatically mix into the next track at the correct time.It is possible to create a complete playlist to run without you having to do a thing and if somebody wants a certain track, all you do is find the track and drag it into the playlist where you want it and the software does the rest.

Catering for birthdays, weddings and pubs will give you the broadest market with the most chance of spreading your name to a growing audience through word of mouth.Forget about trying to be cutting edge as this can come later if you want. Your main objective is to start earning money with little outlay and experience and starting to grow a reputation.

You need to take action and start with making a list of local pubs and clubs and offer your services at a reduced rate as a taster. Check out the auction websites for some equipment and choose basic equipment just to get you earning. Forget about specialist type music at the beginning of your Dj’ing career as this part is about building a reputation. After a while you will get work through word of mouth as people will recommend you.

Forget about spending a fortune on Dj’ing courses, like anything, you could spend a fortune learning the trade from professionals who say that you have to do their courses before you would be good enough.This is not the case.With the right tools and learning from the right people,you will be working in no time.Just like a marathon runner,every race starts with one step and you need to take that first step to put you on the road to becoming a mobile Dj.


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