Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Career Change While Pregnant

Being pregnant can be difficult enough for many women who may suffer not only from health issues but also may have financial concerns due to the monetary responsibility of being a mother.

The constant thought of what is going to happen after the baby is born can be very stressful for them, particularly if they don’t want to go back to their present employer.

Many wish to make a career change while pregnant and feel that this is probably one of the best times for doing exactly that.

However, the opportunity of finding a new career, at this specific time in their lives, is very restrictive. How many employers want to take on a new employee, the mother of a new baby, knowing that she is very likely to be distracted by thoughts of the welfare of her baby throughout the working day rather than his or her company? They would also have their doubts on whether she would be reliable in her time keeping due to her baby’s needs.

However, a career change while pregnant is now very possible for every woman who wants to take the chance of working for themselves. They could utilise the skills they have accumulated during their time of working as an employee by setting themselves up as a consultant in specific areas of their knowledge base.

They could also use this time to take the opportunity of turning their hobby into a business. However, the handicap of this would be that they would have to allocate many hours into developing a new business venture and this is likely to be impossible with a new baby to look after.

The internet is possibly one area where a career change while pregnant would be an advantage to a woman at this point in her life. These advantages would include the fact that she would not have to leave the home, thus leaving her baby with someone else. She would always be on hand when required. She could work the hours she wanted to work and around the needs of her baby.

The skills required for her internet business could be acquired whilst still working for the employer and up until the time that the woman would have to leave the company on maternity leave.

Therefore finding an internet business which did not take too long to master the necessary skills could be the answer to many women who are looking for a career change while pregnant.


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