Saturday, June 26, 2010

Want To Advertise on Facebook? Check FBAdsGuide

As you probably know, some time ago Facebook opened up its ad platform, allowing advertisers to display ads on Facebook pages, paying either with a CPC or a CPM model.

This was a game changer, because Facebook, according to some sources, is already the website with highest traffic on the Internet (yes, surpassing Google). Before this move advertisers relied mostly on Google AdWords for traffic acquisition. But now they have two options, AdWords and Facebook ads.

In fact affiliate marketers flocked to Facebook ads, and some started doing really well there. I got curious, and some six months ago I started experimenting with Facebook ads. The results? I wasted time and money….

Many of my campaigns were not getting approved. The ones that did were not getting enough clicks. The clicks I got were not converting well and so on. At least I learned how the platform worked, which was my goal, but eventually I stopped using it.

Then a month ago I was talking with my friend Jonathan Volk, and he mentioned that he was doing really well with Facebook ads. In fact he was generating thousands of dollars per day in affiliate sales. Per day!

He also said he was coming up with a product explaining the methods he uses. Long story short the product was launched a couple of weeks ago, and it is called Jonathan sent me a copy, and I went through it yesterday.

The material is really good, and that is why I decided to write a post about it. I am not an affiliate, so I won’t earn anything whether you buy it or not. I just figured that there are many people out there trying to advertise on Facebook (as I was), and this product will get you started in the right direction.

In fact I am planning to give Facebook ads another shot now. I always have fun playing with affiliate marketing, and I wanna see what kind of profits I can make on Facebook using a more structured system.

What about you guys, have you tried Facebook ads? What results did you get?


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