Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Start & Try To Trade Forex FREE

  • Join & try demo trading for free to practice (trading for fun)

  • Open Real trading & Start make Big money

  • Get free bonus up to $500 for first deposit

  • You can start Real Trading with $50 only

  • You can use leverage 100, 200 and 400

  • Big trading contest monthly ( $10,000 Cash Prize)
Open eToro Account for free:
  • Download eToro trading software for free

  • Install eToro software to Your computer

  • Load software and create account with eToro

  • You can create free "Trade for Fun" account to practice

  • You can create "Trade for Real" account for live trading

  • Start open free account with eToro : CLICK HERE
How to trade with eToro:
  • Click eToro logo to load eToro Trading Software

  • Click at 'Trade for Fun" to start and try Demo Trading for fun, You must try demo first until you can trade with eToron and make profit

  • Click at "Trade for Real" to start live trading with real money
Easy tips to place order with eToro
  • You can use meta trader 4 to generate signal/chart,

  • load meta trader 4 & eToro software in same time

  • Look at meta trader 4 to see when to "Buy" or "Sell"

  • Order Buy at eToro if meta trader 4 showing buy signal & Sell if meta trader showing Sell signal

  • Use leverage 200 for fast moving market or 400 for Slow moving market
  • eToro will automatic close positions if loss 100% from your order

  • If you use leverage 400 , Your order will closed if loss around -25 pips

  • If you use leverage 200, Your order will close if loss around -50 pips

  • This is like "Stop loss" at Meta trader 4
Start Real Trading & Get up $500 Bonus

After you can make profit with demo trading,
You can start "trade for real" and start make real money
  • Just Open Real trading account from your eToro software

  • Login to your eToro Real trading account to start real trading

  • Make deposit to your live trading account. Minimum deposit is $50 only

  • Get 50% bonus for your first deposit up to $200.

  • example: you deposit $50 will get more $25 Bonus

  • Minimum order is $25 per order.

  • eToro Accept: Paypal, Credit card, Western Union & Wire transfer to deposit

  • Start trade for real and make real money

  • Collect profit as much as you can and win total prize $10.000 every month
Recommend to start Live trade:
  • Deposit with low fund first ex: $100

  • Start order with $50 for leverage 1:200

  • Try short trading with take 5-10 pips profit

  • Control your emotion and entry order for good position only

  • Start make Real Money with eToro
Hit and run trading tips:
  • Start trade with leverage 200 or 400

  • Use time frame 15 minutes & 1 hours to start trade

  • Follow market trend to open positions

  • Close trade with 4-10 pips profit


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