Saturday, July 04, 2009

Why Money is A Bad Master but A Good Servant?

In bible, Jesus says, “beware! Do not always be wishing for what you don’t have. For real life and real living are not related to how rich we are (Luke 12:15).

Supporting the same statement a person once said that money will buy the following:

Bed not sleep

Food not appetite

Books not brains

House not home

Finery not beauty

Luxuries not culture

Medicine not health

Amusement not happiness

All said, obviously, there is no sustenance without money.

We cannot live without money and so work to earn money and there is no wrong in aiming to be wealthy and for the same day after day we chase to earn more money. Money is necessary to live and grow but is it sufficient to lead a meaningful life?

Whether you are rich or poor is determined by how much money you possess. This is a materialistic gradation that money can do. But can money make you rich in heart and poor in your deeds? No, it simply cannot. Money can help you buy the world’s luxuries but money cannot control your destiny. So, one need to put a rein on one’s wants to have a control on earning. This is because if the run for money continues, then at the end you may fall flat face on the life’s race.

In the journey of life and in the pursuit of material happiness you might lose out on little and beautiful things. If you chase money there are chances that you will trample under your feet even your dearest friends and shake hands with your greatest enemies. Such is the bait of money. The bottle of the neck is always narrow and while you are in the race to earn money you will find yourself as a loner at the end of it.

So it is desirable that you earn money and control it. Save them so that you can use them when in need. Control your wants and decide on a limit, or else that mad rush will continue and soon you will find yourself a slave of time and money is reigning supreme. Don’t let money rule you instead work towards your goal and money will follow you automatically as a faithful servant.

Again there can be situation when you owe money to other people. In these cases money can be unruly and cruel as it acts as a whipping master. So, as the adage goes cut your coat according to your cloth holds true. You need to live within your limits and need not borrow money to fulfill wishes and desires. Money is important to get things done and also to carry on with life’s daily needs but it is not the ultimate thing. It should not rule you; instead you should make it follow your work and deeds.


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