Saturday, July 04, 2009

Michael Jackson Death Mystery

Michael Jackson Death: Is Questioning his Personal Physician Dr.Murray Justifiable?

Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal physician, was questioned by the Los Angeles Police for three hours on Saturday night (Pacific time) regarding Jackson’s sudden death last week. Dr. Murray was alone with Jackson at the time of his cardiac arrest and resulting death. In fact, Dr. Murray was performing CPR on Jackson when the ambulance arrived at Jackson’s home. A spokesperson representing Dr. Murray confirmed the doctor’s questioning by the police and announced that Dr. Murray responded to, “every and all questions.” The spokesperson also confirmed that Dr. Murray, “will continue to cooperate fully with the authorities …”

After Jackson was taken from his home by ambulance, the Los Angeles Police impounded Dr. Murray’s vehicle to search for narcotics or other evidence pointing to the cause of Jackson’s death. It turns out that Dr. Murray might be answering further questions quite soon, perhaps not to investigators, but to the public. Sources are confirming that Dr. Murray is not board certified in any medical practice specialty. Although, board certification is not necessarily a requirement to practice medicine, sources say that Jackson hired Dr. Murray three years ago believing that he was hiring a cardiologist.

Certainly, the public is now aware that Jackson was planning a come-back performance prior to his death. His upcoming concert was to commence in London and was called “Dangerous.” The concert promoters, who were paying for the tour event, required Jackson to pass a physical as an insurance requirement. Indeed, Jackson was administered a five-hour physical in February of this year. A physical was required to make certain that Jackson was physically prepared for the vigorous concert demands, including dancing. The concert promoters are saying today that, “Michael passed the physical with flying colors.”

Dr. Murray has been the target of a lot of scrutiny from the public in the last few days. It has been revealed that Dr. Murray has a history of personal misdeeds. Although no patient-doctor medical complaints have been made against him, he is embroiled in several personal legal matters such as tax liens, education loan defaults, car registration charges, non-payment of child support and credit card debts. Dr. Murray’s one-time medical practice, Global Cardiovascular Associates, has also been sued by several vendors for its failure to pay creditors. Many speculate that Jackson’ sudden death was caused by an overdose of prescription medications. However, a few doctors hold out opinion that Jackson’s death could have stemmed from a complication of an auto-immune disorder, for which Jackson suffered, called Lupus. Jackson has been diagnosed with Lupus, which can cause sudden heart attacks to its victims when in their 40s or 50s. Though African-Americans are four times more likely to be Lupus victims, Lupus is far more prevalent in women than men.

A more presumable cause of the heart attack, many physicians agree, was a combination of medications. Jackson was known to have been taking pain killers called Dilaudid and Vicodin, a muscle relaxer called Soma, a sedative called Xanax, an antidepressant called Zoloft, an antianxiety drug called Paxil and heartburn medicine called Prilosec. An autopsy of Michael Jackson’s body has been performed but was determined to be inconclusive. No funeral arrangement have yet been made for Michael Jackson by his family.


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