Saturday, July 04, 2009

Billionaires Secret Meeting

Here it is almost the end of May and we are just learning about this hush, hush ultra clandestine meeting of the richest Midas’ in the world. You had to be in the Billionaire Club to get invited. In New York City, hosted at the Rockefeller University, eleven or so of the wealthiest met for a secret meeting of the minds. The conspiracy folks are already at work wondering why they met quietly with no press or outside reporters included. Must be up to no good, huh? Was a political or financial takeover concocted? Well, these folks already engineered the liberal left victories in the Congress and White House. So it could not be that.

How about money? The number one and two richest men (Gates and Buffet) and a few hedge fund and real estate moguls were there. There were also a large collection of the poorer peasants included. I mean, some of them aren’t even among the top twenty richest people in the world. Geez! Poor old Oprah comes in well below that.

Since my bank account is a few shekels below the billionaire level, I missed the meeting. So we can only guess and listen to the scanty press release to really know what they did. No flies on the wall at Rockefeller’s place. In our current economic slump, we and the charities languish. Philanthropic donations are down. This group of wealthy individuals has done their duty though and should be commended for past irrational exuberance. They have given over seventy billions of dollars in aid since 1996. Many on the list like Gates, Buffet and Soros have extended billions in aid. Buffet is donating his 36 billion fortunes to the Gates Foundation.

So what did they consider? It appears it will disappoint our conspiracy fellows. They supposedly got together to talk about how to help the world face its many social problems. The meeting was a session to put on the thinking caps and address a few big problems by private philanthropy. How can charity function in this economic collapse? For example, we have a threat to global health. The Gates foundation is funding anti-malaria health initiatives already. We know nothing about any future actions the plan and no announcements were made. How do we help emergency relief efforts was addressed. They reported talking about scholarships for educating the poor over the 6 hour dinner meeting on May 5th. Overall charity needs were addressed by the group but concrete and specific pronouncements were not forth coming. It seems that brainstorming for charity was the driving idea, but exactly what was decided was not announced in any great detail.


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