Saturday, April 25, 2009

Top 10 Health Benefits of Sex

Sex is everywhere in the media but does everybody know that besides experiencing sexual pleasure, sex has immense psychological and physical benefits even after the sweat has dried up and sweet talk ended. The feel-good benefits of having sex at least thrice a week enhance quality of life and well being, a fact backed by scientific studies.

1. Acts as a pain reliever: Instead of popping analgesic pills to relieve your headache; have sex with your loved one and you can feel the difference as sex has the ability to act as a pain reliever. If you engage in any sexual activity, there is secretion of hormone oxytocin into blood that releases chemical like substances called endorphins. With the increased level of oxytocin during the course of sexual activity, overall body pain, cramps and even headache is relieved.

2. Leads to increased blood flow: It is a known fact that as you engage in any sexual activity, your heart rate increases and blood flow to the brain is also increased. This increased flow of blood throughout the body leads to better functioning of the organs as they get fresh supply of high dosage of oxygen.

3. Sex acts as a detoxification agent: Sex can cleanse the body by elimination of waste products through increased blood flow leading to reduced fatigue and also helps prevent diseases.

4. It is a stress buster: Since ancient days, sex has always helped men to reduce stress. The chemical secretion involved in a sexual activity helps to relieve stress. Additionally a good sleep is what most enjoys after experiencing sexual pleasure. Recent studies confirm the fact that the body gets relaxed after a satisfying orgasm and lovemaking. A good sleep is very important for a healthy well being.

5. Sex enhances immunity: If you experience good sex at least thrice a week, research studies indicate that it is directly correlated to the level of immunoglobulin in our body. Healthy sexual life implies higher level of immunoglobulin, resulting in increased immunity and greater resistance to diseases.

6. Sex helps reduce body weight: Sex results in burning of calories. It has been found that sexual intercourse can help you burn off 85 calories in every 30 minutes. Sexologists are of the opinion that sex is a great form of exercise to reduce your body weight.

7. Sex help rejuvenate mind and body: Sexual activity and orgasm helps increase life span. It leads to secretion of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) hormone that helps maintain your body, repair tissue, improves skin and most importantly act as an anti-depressant. It will help you grow more youthful and energetic.

8. Improves genital health: Regular sexual intercourse and ejaculation helps men maintain prostrate glands in good health conditions. Kegel exercise (contraction of genital muscles) is another way of strengthening the genital tract and also helps women in childbirth and in experiencing intense orgasms.

9. Increases estrogen and testosterone: Daily sexual activity helps increase testosterone level, leading to increased level of good cholesterol in the body. Helps to keep your heart healthy as well. Estrogen level also boosts cardiovascular health in women and makes her proactive towards sex.

10. Improves Relationship: And bet that this is the best effect of sex. Love is important in maintaining and strengthening relationship. Sex helps people to grow intimate and aids in creating the right bond of togetherness. Sex has a healing power and acts as a catalyst to live happily with a healthy mind and body.


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