Monday, April 27, 2009

Can Garlic protect Us From the Risk of Cancer?

Garlic is known for its several benefits, it is used to make garlic powder, garlic salt, and garlic bread for widely use in flavoring for different food items. Besides, garlic is said to be the oldest medicine to cure several ailments. Doctors recommend garlic juice for certain skin problems. Recent researches have revealed that garlic can be a cure to cancer. Now scientists are trying to link garlic consumption with cancer risk. There are few analysts who claimed in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that not enough data is available to support the results and more research is required to conclude the results.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mentions that experiments on humans are required to carry out before reaching to any results. Even earlier many claimed that garlic can reduce risk of cancer, but scientists are concentrating on human studies for this research so that there can achieve precise results.

Till now 183 human studies has been carried out on garlic and its probable cure to cancer. Out of the 183 people 19 people met their criteria for research covering 10 types of cancer. They divided them as none, low, medium, high consumption of garlic. But the terms were not defined clearly. Those labeled “high” consumption of garlic were consuming garlic twice a month to 16 cloves a month.

It is challenging to conclude the quantity of garlic to be consumed. Further research has revealed that garlic deliver best results after consuming 10-15 minutes peeling and chopping. Its inactive compounds get active after 10 to 15 minutes of peeling and chopping. Therefore, those who consume garlic immediately after peeling & chopping may not get as better results as those who consume it after 10 to 15 minutes of chopping.

The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) experts reported after research carried on humans on garlic consumption in 2007 under the heading Diet and Cancer Risk that

1. Garlic may protect from colorectal cancers.

2. Garlic which belongs to allium family (also onions and similar vegetables) and stomach cancer is probably cured by allium family foods.

AICR Report also mentions that it is difficult to ascertain the quantity to be consumed by individual. But they are not denying the benefits of garlic. For healthy living and to reduce cancer risk it is necessary to control weight, regular physical exercise and balanced & fibrous diet. These plan foods benefit more when consumed together than individual. Therefore, use garlic in your food to add flavor and possible protection from cancer development.


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