Sunday, April 26, 2009

10 Most Money Saving tips for Senior Citizens

With increasing baldness and gray hair, it is accepted that one gains more wisdom, one gets classified as a privilege class of senior citizen, and you get more time to spend but yes with it come a fixed source of income. With rising inflation you need to spend wisely to maintain a perfect balance in the tightrope walking of living a meaningful and qualitative life over the years.

Here are some price-chopper ideas into living each day:

1. Shopping on Senior Citizen Days: If you do your purchases on the designated days of the week when it’s called senior citizen days you can save some bucks in the form of discounts. Most shops discount it on your bill without you having to ask for, but in some cases you need to remind them so you need to be informed in the first place to get the discount.

2. Shopping at Charity Stores: If you need to buy gift items for your grandchildren or wish to read between the lines of a new novel, walk into any charity shops where you can buy the stuffs at much less price. Not only that you also contribute to a social cause by purchasing from a charity shop.

3. Use unbranded items: Most items, if branded carry the cost of the brand image or credibility and pass it on to the consumers with increased price tag. So, buy unbranded items especially food items and get yourself treated with mega deals and discount offers. It helps you sane few bucks always.

4. Cut cost by shopping @ 99p store: As a senior citizen you can further cut cost if you purchase some items such as deodorants, tea, coffee and other essential items from these stores as the prices here is much less. In this way your grocery bill can be reduced to a great extent.

5. Cook your sauce: Instead of spending money on sauces and rubs, cook your homemade sauce. It adds to healthy well being besides saving some money.

6. Save energy: It not only helps in controlling pollution but also helps save in electricity bills by not heating all the rooms. Use energy efficiently by replacing the electrical fittings with LED bulbs. It will help you curtail cost on electricity.

7. Reduce gasoline cost: Keep your vehicle well-maintained with regular tuning such as checking on tires and air filters so that fuel efficient is at its maximum. You can save few bucks by buying less expensive gas to run your vehicle.

8. Save on your insurances: From health to auto, you can save money on your insurance policies by being that little extra vigilant and using some research diligently online to compare costs before registering into one. If you are healthy and if you drive safe, there are insurance companies that provide with the best deals to the senior citizen.

9. Check on the State Benefits: Due to limited earnings, many senior citizens are not needed to pay the council taxes, one need to check on the local council to get benefited from the scheme.

10. Know other allied state benefits: There are other benefits such as free TV license if you are aged above 75 years and also pension credits to boost income.


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