Friday, January 25, 2008

The Truth Behind Teenage Pregnancies

While teenage pregnancy accounts enable girls to be aware that somebody out there is listening attentively to their problems, they also reveal to the concerned girls and other people that statistics given in reports addressing the "teenage pregnancy problem" certainly are not mere numbers but are representative of humans with feelings.

Abortion statistics are especially misleading in their chilling numbers. It is extremely simple to reel off percentages when you are not actually in front of the concerned individuals. However, the accounts of teenage pregnancies make it rather complicated to bring down teenage experiences to the level of only numbers.

Undeniably, the point with regard to abortion reveals the intricacy in grouping teen pregnancy into plain statistics. Teen pregnancy reports show that most teenagers become distraught after an abortion. One teenager stated that she had given up the desire to live on the very day she had an abortion. She had thrown away all that she had carefully put together. She had discontinued college on account of the anguish and the trauma and had taken to partying, getting into arguments with many of her closest pals. One year later, the ache was still as intense as the day when she had informed her yet to born baby that she regretted taking its life.

Those who should have been thankful are troubled by the experience endlessly due to physical problems. One girl said that she and her husband were trying to have a baby for the last three years. She did not anticipate any problems. In any case, she was aware that she would conceive. After trying for a couple of years, they visited a doctor. After numerous tests were done on both of them, it was diagnosed that her fallopian tubes were blocked following an infection she had contracted after having an abortion when she was nineteen. Due to her reckless teenage ways, her husband and she are now going through the rather tense and frustrating IVF process as it their only prospect of having a baby they so dearly want. The remorse that emerges to the fore every day is too agonizing to bear.

There are others, who feel comforted and thankful that they had an abortion. Another teenager revealed that there was no pain involved physically and what was even more significant was that she was not emotionally shattered. She had made her peace with her God and her decision much before she had undergone the procedure and she was aware that she wanted to give far more to her child than she was capable of giving.

By sharing her encouraging experience, she hoped that somebody who was thinking about an abortion could understand that it was surely not a negative experience they think it is. Numbers can never portray the emotion of being compelled into going in for an abortion, although teenage pregnancy accounts certainly can. According to one teenage account, she thought that deep down she knew she was not prepared for it but she wanted someone to comfort her and tell her that everything was going to be just but sadly there was no one to do so.

Statistics are indeed helpful to receive a brief idea of the common aspects of any situation, but accounts of teenage pregnancies, and not statistics, are required to completely comprehend the experiences of women behind "teen pregnancy scourge."


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