Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tips on Making an Effective Sales Presentation

An effective sales presentation can really help you for your marketing of both products and services. Even though you might be nervous about your presentation, believe in yourself. You can have a very effective presentation with a little preparation and little bit of practice. After you are through with the presentation, you will be proud of how well you did. Here are some tips on making an effective sales presentation.

The first thing that you must do is try to relax. Take a few deep breaths before you go into the presentation. Focus on the moment instead of thinking about all the different things you need to say or the aspects that you may have forgotten at the last minute. You will be pleasantly surprised at just how prepared you are for the sales presentation after you begin speaking. If you are nervous, it will show while you are talking to the group. Your palms will sweat and your heart will race. Take a few moments to relax, breathe, and focus on the moment.

Be on time for your presentation. Being late will only cause you to feel frazzled and even more nervous. You cannot take time to relax prior to the presentation if you are late. Allow extra time for traffic. If the sales presentation is in a new location, drive the route the day before to determine how long it will take for driving. Try to drive it at the same time of day that your presentation will be so you will have a better feel for traffic. Allow an additional twenty minutes to get to the presentation. For example, if the route you drove the day prior to the presentation took you thirty minutes, allow yourself fifty minutes the day of the presentation. If there is a traffic accident or other unforeseen problem, you can still be at the presentation on time. Additionally, it will give you time to find a parking place and to walk to the room the presentation is being held.

Get a good night’s rest prior to the sales presentation. Fatigue shows on all of us and will make you appear unprepared for your presentation. Additionally, being tired for a presentation will make it more difficult to remember the order of your talk and highlight the fine details of the presentation. Wind down before bedtime so that you can get a good night’s rest prior to the sales presentation.

Eat a good breakfast the day of the presentation. If the presentation is in the afternoon, eat a hearty lunch. Avoid foods that give you heart burn or gas. It is difficult to give a good sales presentation if your stomach is hungry. If you avoid troublesome foods, you can concentrate on your sales presentation instead of worrying about embarrassing incidents. Regardless of what time of day that the sales presentation is a healthy breakfast will get your day started on the right track and make the entire day flow smoother, including the sales presentation. Following some of these simple tips will help you to give a good sales presentation!


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