Saturday, January 26, 2008

Some Of The More Popular Formula D Racing Events

Formula D drifting also known as just drifting has become a fairly large sport so far since 2004. The sport has gained popularity since then and can be seen live on G4TV. The pro drivers are training all year for the formula D championship. When the formula D championship is held there are about 50 drifters that are competing to be known as the best drifter in the United States. As like all other pro races they take place on tracks around the U.S.

People think that racing is racing and its all the same well drifting is different and isn’t really racing. As drifting becomes more and more famous there will be more and more tracks to be built to handle all the events. If you already know where they host live events then you are ahead of most people and can be considered a loyal fan.

Atlanta, Georgia is just one of the stops along the formula D series. Most of their events take place on road Atlanta which is a track that is been known for some time. The road Atlanta added a turn just for the formula D series. This new turn will add much excitement to the drifting that will take place here. Road Atlanta is home to many racing events every year.

The Formula D series also makes a stop in Sonoma, California. That stop is to the Infineon Raceway. The Infineon Raceway is well known due to where it is located. The track is located really close to the golden gate bridge only 30 min from it actually. Just as it is home to drifting it is home to many other racing events as well. Some of these events are drag racing, NASCAR and many others as well.

As to the above stated venues, the Formula D series also stops in Long Beach and Irwin dale, California, Seattle, Washington, and Wall, New Jersey. In Wall, New Jersey, all the action takes place at air force reserve wall track. As In long beach California the action always has been known to take to the streets. In Irwin dale, all the events take place at Irwin dale speedway and have been taking place there for a long time. As you can begin to start to see these events take place at many famous tracks so they can gain the utmost respect from everyone and everything.

To be a fan you just need to give support to the sport of drifting. Maybe you know nothing of it maybe you know everything but all it takes is thought and love for the sport. If you are looking to get into drifting the sport requires you to have a RWD car in case you don’t know what that is it’s a rear wheel drive car, and you should also have a LSD which is a limited slip differential and will allow you to get into drifts easier. Most of the cars you will see in the formula D championship will be 240sx’s, or any other RWD cars.


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