Saturday, January 26, 2008

Residing in the Top Golf Course Communities in America

If you’re thinking about residing in a golf community, you should take a look at the top golf course communities in America before making a final decision as to which would be most suited to your own lifestyle. There are hundreds of golf course communities that have already been completed across the United States, with more heading toward completion each year. In the U.S. alone, more than 26 million people consider themselves golfers; consequently, golfing communities will undoubtedly continue to be a popular place to reside. The communities that are located with a view of the golf course often contain other amenities that make them popular, even for those who do not play golf.

In fact, the top golf course communities in America focus on intergenerational living, with good schools, good medical facilities, good transportation flows, and various types and sizes of housing units. All of these factors are important both to retirees thinking of moving to the community and to young families who need to think of educational and recreational opportunities for their growing children. It’s important to keep in mind that different communities focus more on family activities and social interaction with neighbors, while others emphasize the beautifully designed golf course itself.

Of course, the top golf course communities in America have a mixture of all the best features. These communities often will feature the concept of "communities within communities" so that seniors and single adults can select housing units that are separate from noisy children’s playgrounds. Families can select golfing course communities that have planned neighborhood social events or activities as well as facilities where children are welcome and safe. Often, other activities in the community are as important as the golfing for family members. For instance, swimming pools, wading pools, tennis courts, and hiking trails are all amenities that may be of interest to residents.

The top golf course communities in America are obviously built around the top golf courses in America. You will want to pay attention to who the course designer is and whether he or she has other courses that are in their professional portfolio. It is also important to look at whether there are public or semi-private courses associated with the private course and whether the housing location that you choose will be acceptable in the future. The courses associated with your community should be commensurate with your level of play, but should also allow room for growth and improvement of your golf handicap.


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