Friday, January 25, 2008

How To Find An Affordable Engagement Ring

Proposing to your sweetheart is such a romantic gesture and as you want every moment of it to be perfect, you want to find an engagement ring that your honey will love.

The very first step when shopping for an engagement ring would be to determine how much your budget is. Most, though not all salespersons, would trick you guys into thinking that the measure of your love for your sweetheart is equivalent to the cost of the engagement ring that you will be buying for her. It is best that before setting foot in any jewelry store you already have your budget in mind. According to the diamond industry, one that is worth your two months salary would be a good place to start, but still in the end you are the judge of how much you could really afford.

You will be in for a lot of choice selections. It would be good if you had done your homework in advance by observing the type of jewelry that you sweetheart likes to wear or is usually wearing. In this manner, you will know if you should go for gold, platinum or white gold and if it should be in traditional or modern style as well as simple or flashy design.

Most jewelers will sell you a preset ring but quite often you get a good deal when you select the diamond stone and then have it set. It would help if you know what shape your honey would prefer and having even just a bit of knowledge on the important 4Cs in diamond buying would be helpful as well. After choosing the stone, you will then choose the setting.

When shopping for jewelry having someone with you to select it with like a buddy, your sweetheart’s friend or your mother would help you with the decision making. Ensure that they have good taste and that they won’t reveal the surprise to your honey. While bringing your sweetheart with you during your engagement ring selection would ruin a perfect surprise, you can be assured though that she will definitely like the selection. Many couples are actually doing this.

Ask recommendations from family and friends on a good quality jeweler. Make sure that the jeweler is a member of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and has a Jewelers of America accreditation. Ask as well for the return or exchange policy in case you change your mind and would want to have the engagement ring changed.

The diamond should come with an independent grading report from the American Gem Society or GIA plus you should get it insured.

Learn to maximize and stretch your budget. Planning ahead is very much important so that you can save up and have ample time (some engagement rings may take a couple of weeks especially if it is custom made) to choose a ring in time for your proposal date.


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