Friday, January 25, 2008

Can Flaxseeds Help Cure Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that is constantly being studied by doctors due to the fact that it affects so many people and is so debilitating to so many. In addition to being studied by doctors, individuals are always on the lookout for natural ways to help cure this disease or make living with it easier. Recently, science suggests the flaxseeds may assist with preventing and helping eliminate this disease.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that can be identified as a disease that causes cells to grow and expand beyond the normal amount. These cells then attack and kill normal healthy cells that are around them. Around 13% of all deaths are caused by cancer. While cancer generally affects people as they grow older, it can strike at any age.

Cancer can be caused by several factors. Most cancer is caused by changes in a person’s genetic material, which are caused by things such as smoke, infection, chemicals, radiation, and other carcinogens. While
not every person that is exposed to these things will get this disease, individuals that have a greater genetic disposition are more likely to become affected.

Once a person is diagnosed with they can be treated in a variety of ways, depending on the stage of their disease and the type of malignancy they have. Some of these treatments, such as chemotherapy, can be very debilitating to patients. Other treatments such as surgery can be very risky for patients, although at times there may be no other option.

Flaxseeds and Cancer

Flaxseeds are believed to help prevent and cure cancer due to the fact that they contain alpha-linolenic acid and have certain antioxidant effects. However, while flaxseeds may be healthy, there’s no conclusive evidence that flaxseeds can have a significant benefit for individuals that are already fighting disease. However, flaxseeds can be included in a person’s diet along with other healthy foods to assist a person and staying healthy over all.

Individuals taking flaxseed supplements should be wary. This is because with high doses, no one really knows what the potential side effects of taking this and other natural supplement may be. Patients should certainly consult their doctor, whether or not they currently have cancer, prior to starting any medications, herbal or otherwise. In fact, when taken without the recommendation of a doctor, many supplements throughout the years have been proven to be far more harmful than beneficial. One example of this was the diet craze using ephedra a few years ago. It was touted as a natural supplement and found to be very harmful after study.


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