Friday, January 25, 2008

Buy a Stylish of Juicer

From the moment health experts begun discussing the unique nutrients and important elements fruits and vegetables contain, people are browsing through kitchen utensil shelves in their effort to locate the best juicer that can help them stay healthy. However, as different equipment are used to perform a variety of functions, choosing a juicer is not only a matter of price, brand, or shape, but rather an issue of covering specific consumer needs.

Considered one of the most widely found kitchen utensils, the juicer has a conical ridged center that is pressed against a fruit or vegetable to extract its juices. Mainly used as part of the food preparation process, juicers help people squeeze the juice out from the soft-centered citrus fruits, like orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit. By cutting those in half and then pressing down their inner surface against the conical ridged center of a juicer, the necessary amount of juice is extracted to be consumed directly as a juice in a glass or to be part of the cooking endeavors of a person. Usually, the rest of the fruit -its skin, pulp and seeds- is discarded after the squeezing process is over and no more juice comes out.

When electronic devices were introduced in kitchens in order to assist the culinary efforts of men and women, electric juice extractors became part of people’s every practices. Used to prepare a fresh orange juice in the morning, or to get the juice of a lemon when preparing lemon-based recipes, mechanical juicers are part of someone’s daily food preparation tactics.

Considered today extremely helpful, the two main types of juice extractors -a centrifugal juicer that uses a blade and a sieve to separate juice and pulp or a masticating juicer that chews fruit to a pulp before squeezing the juice from it- are available in several designs and styles. In fact, people can select from a variety of juicers, either because their color simply matches that of their kitchen’s counter tops, or because they are recommended by famous professional culinary chefs.

According to experts, the speed with which an electric juice operates plays a significant role in the quality of the outcome. Faster moving parts allow more air to integrate into the juice and thus, oxidize its nutrients, while slower juice processors can extract the juice out of fruit or vegetables without lowering its healthy elements quality. Some people use their electronic blenders as juicers, because blenders can chop and mix raw fruits and vegetables together with a liquid, such as water, milk, or juice, creating a juice-like beverage.

There are several styles of juicers available on the market today and some are better suited for juicing certain kinds of fruits and vegetables than others. Yet, a prospective juicer buyer has to evaluate carefully his or her needs and then carefully purchase the appliance that will cover most, if not all, of them. So, before buying a juicer, one should consider the particular factors that will make this type of choice easier.


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