Friday, January 25, 2008

5 Boat Oar Accessories For Fun!

Accessories for your boat could be either for functional and practical purposes or for fun use. Boat oar accessories are not a mandatory requirement on the boat, but many people procure them as gilding or to make it more convenient for use.

1. Oar Rest:
A popular and also useful oar accessory is the oar rest. It gives support to the oars and positions them in a more convenient angle when you are paddling. This way it does not put extra pressure on you arms for holding the paddles up and you can utilize your full energy for moving ahead on the boat. The oar rests serve a dual purpose of holding the oars and also securing them into place when not in use. However, if you need to use them you can access them in a jiffy.

2. Oar Boxes :
There are also oar boxes that are for putting the oars away and protecting them from the elements. These boxes are often made of a metal outer cover which makes them completely weather proof especially if your oars are made of wood and could go out of shape with the rain or sun.

3. Decals :
There are some decorative accessories like decals for the oars that would make them more colorful with advertisement stickers. This sort of accessory is more for fun than for functionality, as the stickers are bound to fade and peel off whenever you take your boat out into the water.

4. Sealant :
A practical and useful boat accessory is a sealant. It is most advisable that you should opt for a sealant for your oars, the kind that is used on fences and outdoor wooden appliances. This is a protective cover for your oars as this will safeguard your oars from water and also prevent discoloration, distortion and getting out of shape and eventually splitting. The sealant will give your oars a new lease of life that will protect them from the elements and with this they will last you much longer.

5. Mirror :
Though some accessories are only decorative, many are useful ones and could be very handy at times. The mirror is one such dual purpose accessory.

Adding accessories to your boat is like beautifying your home, whether they are functional or not, it creates a personal touch and gives one a feeling of comfort. So go ahead and add to the boat oar accessories that you want on your boat, after all it is yours and you have to make it fitting to your personality. A beautifully maintained and done up boat is an asset and the extra effort will add value to your boat.

For more information on boat oar accessories you could go through a catalogue or search on the net for more innovative and the latest options that are available in the market.


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