Tuesday, January 08, 2008

3 Reasons You Should Get Out

Come on now, admit it. The last time you were in the shower you saw some of those alarming signs of decadence on your body and face and you couldn’t help but thinking that this was yet another of life’s cruel ways of telling you that you should take better care of yourself. But, although you decided to pay those heavy dues to the nearest gym facility and did sign up for a whole year’s program, you quickly got bored and in less than a month you were out of there. Don’t get distressed. There are other things you can do with your free time and still get the exercise your body and mind desperately need. Most importantly there are three reasons why you should open the door and get out again.

Experience the unexpected: Experts state that people need to experience in full every single detail in life if they are to reach a better state, both physically as well as mentally. By exploring new ways of testing your comprehension levels, coordinate your movements, and examine a new sport outdoors, you increase your chances of experiencing the unexpected and having a blast in the meanwhile.

Your determination to do something you have never tried before, but this time in the outdoor space, will improve your socializing skills and help you meet new interesting people. Moreover, you will discover new talents and you will be able to test your abilities. Learn something new can be fun and don’t forget that these outdoor experiences will help you ultimately to reinvent yourself.

Get your body into shape and feed your sole: Activities, whether performed indoors or outdoors, need your body to function in a certain way while using your muscles. Walking, lifting, climbing, pulling, running, or even lying down under the sun, can dramatically improve your posture and help you exercise all those different muscles you have forgotten they existed.

Breathing the fresh air and inhaling that precious oxygen gives you that certain energy boost you currently lack and helps your body remember that it can perform more than sitting or simply standing. Getting your body into shape is not that difficult. Just find an outdoor activity you enjoy and let it be part of your life. But, apart from your body, your sole needs the outdoor experience as well.

People tend to think that going climbing or kayaking is experiences only the human body enjoys, but we assure you that your psychological state will also greatly improve. As the adrenaline level in your body increases and those "happy" hormones enter your brain, your begin feeling capable of doing anything and most importantly you are hungry to learn more.

This feeling-good-about-myself outcome can last from 4 to 10 hours after your stop your outdoor activity and believe me when I tell you that this time is more than enough when you have to solve again problems and put your mind to work. Feeling good will not make those worries disappear, but it can alleviate your stress factor while facing them.

Put on a smile: We know you still got it. It’s hiding behind those ugly looking wrinkles that make you look older than your real age. Don’t let them tell how old you are. It’s how you feel your looks should portray and by giving yourself the chance to experience the outdoor activity of your choice, you can find again every reason to smile. So, put on one of those luminous big smiles of yours and let others wonder how you managed to boost your energy and confidence levels under their nose. Feeling great should show. Let yourself smile!


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