Friday, December 07, 2007

Using Flaxseed To Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The number of people being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has grown considerably over the years. This is not a result of more cases in the populations but is probably a result of better diagnostic methods and a better understanding of the disease. People who suffer with this syndrome have difficulty with many parts of daily living. Some people describe the problem as similar to having concussion or brain injury. A person can be tired, feel foggy, have difficulty moving, or many other symptoms. It is important that any person with unexplained symptoms see a doctor to rule out Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

There are many treatments that may help with this dreadful disease. A doctor who specializes in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can help determine the best course of treatment. Many doctors will recommend a combination of treatments to include some natural supplements. One such supplement is flaxseed which has been found to be a beneficial natural treatment.

How Flaxseed Works

In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome it is thought that, through viral attacks, cells may have a reduced ability to produce the essential fatty acids needed to help the body function normally. There are several fatty acids that play a crucial role in normal body functioning. These essential fatty acids can be found in healthy oils produced in a variety of natural ingredients including flaxseed. A person who supplements their diet with flaxseed will improve any deficiency they have and will help the body to be able to return to normal functioning. They may find that taking flaxseed is the key to improving their health and being able to live a normal fatigue free life. Studies have not confirmed or ruled out this theory but the fact that many people are deficient in their essential fatty acids would make taking supplemental flaxseed a good decision regardless.

How To Take Flaxseed

Flaxseed can be taken as the seed or in oil form where the essential oils have been removed from the seed. The person will want to be sure if they take the seed form that they use a crushed or powdered form since the whole seed is not easily digested and may just pass through the digestive tract. The oil can be taken by the teaspoonful or can be used in recipes. The crushed or powdered seed can be mixed in a drink or can be mixed in butter or mayonnaise and used as a spread. It is important for a person to not use the flaxseed in cooking as high temperatures damage to oils decreasing their effectiveness.


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