Friday, December 07, 2007

Universal Law of Attraction

The universe may be full of mystery. Good luck happens to a lot of people, bad luck goes to unlikely people and fate seems to distribute good things randomly. Is success merely because of luck and fortune? Is it only because of hard work? Actually, for people who want prosperity and success, there is a universal law of attraction that is at work.

Prosperity, success and a good life is open to those who are receptive to them. Open buckets on the yard get water from heaven when the rain falls down. Those that are closed, of course, are empty. Even if you put a closed bucket beneath a generous faucet, it will remain empty because there is a barrier in

The universal laws of attraction works pretty much like an open bucket receiving rain from the sky. This law of attraction may also prove useful for you as go through your daily life. You have to check if you are an open bucket or a closed one. Do you think about negative things most of the time? Do you dream of something but feel that you cannot have it? Do you believe that you deserve the best and that the universe can give that to you?

Maybe you are a closed bucket right and you are not benefiting from the universal law of attraction. Slowly and surely, you have to tweak some of your thinking and open up your bucket. Habits that have long been inculcated in your system may be difficult to remove. Yet, if you are patient enough and persistent enough, you can open the lid and start

Making the Law of Attraction Work for Your Life

The universal law of attraction is simple and practical. It is not costly and there are no special rules. What you simply need to have is openness to what is beautiful and what is positive. By setting your expectation to what is good; you are attracting what is good in the universe. By thinking about good things and positive ideas, you attract positivity and goodness.

You are what you think you are. The thoughts that you have control the kind of actions that you do. Your actions, in turn, control the kinds of rewards that you have. If your thoughts are good, then your actions become good and you are rewarded with good things.

You will become what you believe you are. If these beliefs are negative, you could only suppose that you will reap negative results. If, however, you affirm yourself and your worth, then you slowly fit into the mold that you believe in. For the universal law of attraction to work in you, you have to let go of these negative beliefs about yourself and start being open to positive spirits and good things.

Be expectant of what is good. By believing that you deserve what is good, you are putting yourself in a position to receive these good things. Although, you become more open to positive spirit and to what is good, you also need to go where you can work for and attract fortune and luck. To maximize luck and fortune, you should also be willing to work. Given your work and your practice of the universal law of attraction, the flow of good things will not cease.


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