Friday, December 07, 2007

Submitting Your Work to Affiliate Success Builder Article Directory in Five Easy Steps

There are several misconceptions that fledgling writers need to overcome when they take a closer look at Affiliate Success Builder Article Directory:
* This is not your average free-for-all site where you can post anything and everything, no matter how badly it is written. Instead, this site has a standard which as a poster you are required to respect and embrace.
* The articles cannot be about odd subjects that have little bearing on the subject matter at hand. You need to have a purpose in your writing.
* Do not mistake this site as a dumping ground for articles which other sites have rejected due to their commercial nature.

Even as you are permitted to engage in article marketing, your approach must be skillful, succinct, and of interest to the reader who will consider posting your articles in e-zines, online newsletters, and other venues where your writing will be exposed to much attention. If you have what it takes to provide quality content, then simply follow the guidelines to submitting your work to Affiliate Success Builder Article Directory in five easy steps!

1. Check out the content produced by other writers. Amazingly, this is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of posting your work to sites such as this one. Marketing your article with Affiliate Success Builder Article Directory will only lead to a vibrant form of name recognition if the quality of your writing is up to par with the best and most prolific content producers on the site while at the same time in some way standing out.
2. Have quality work which you created, is devoid of affiliate links, and meets online grammatical and editorial guidelines is welcomed. Double check you are writing with a succinct style, fresh insights, and offering high quality content.
3. Sign up on the site for an account. This is your opportunity to post your name, website information and also a short biography that will entice visitors to visit your online presence on the Internet to learn more about you.
4. Carefully read through the submission guidelines and agree to their terms of service. While this may appear odd, considering you will not receive payment for your articles, this is standard procedure and must be observed.
5. Confidently post your articles.

Every so often, enter some of your articles in the search engines to see who has caught on to your writing. Even as this may appear odd, keep in mind that this kind of information is vital when attempting to find where interest is being generated for your writing. The very fact that others are reprinting your work attests to your writing skill as well as the interest your content is generating.

Another aspect of posting your work is the ability to keep your content fresh and always cutting edge. The danger of submitting content freely to a big site is to yield to the temptation of posting older work, some of which may no longer be factually accurate, and thus not only detract from the site’s reputation but also your own.


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