Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Pro Golf Career Takes Much More than Just Skill

Golf may not be as bone crushing as football or as fast-paced as basketball, but it is a sport that requires skill and practice to master. Only the patient and gifted can play at an advanced level. If you feel you are part of this elite group of aficionados, perhaps it is time to consider a pro golf career.

Making it in this industry may not be as easy as one would expect. Sure, you should be knowledgeable about the game itself; however, it takes much more than golfing skills to excel in the industry. Here are some things you must have in order to become successful in the business and advance your career.

A Passion for the game: You may find yourself at work or in class continuously daydreaming about golf. Or, you may feel the need to read and absorb every single article you come across. You might even find yourself watching the Golf Channel into the wee hours of the night, viewing same episodes of shows you have already seen time and time again. If you have found yourself in most of these situations or thoughts, you are officially a golf fanatic, and may just have the passion and aspiration for a professional career.

Ambition: In order to become successful, you must have a driving sense of ambition. There are thousands, perhaps millions, of people who want to work in the business, just like you. So, you need to not only spend time working on your craft, you also have to work hard at landing that employment opportunity of your choice. Make connections on the course, send out those resumes, and think positively. Ambition will help you find the necessary ideas and experiences that will place you above your competition.

Golf school: The first physical step to the sport career of your dreams is to attend an accredited golf academy that offers a certified associates degree. A good school will teach its students not only the fundamentals of golf, but also the various components of the business itself, such as management, operations, marketing, profitability, etc. The curriculum of a high-quality school will be up to date and the education will be top notch. And, after you graduate, an accredited golf school will not forget about you. Many schools offer their alumni exclusive employment opportunities on an ongoing basis.

To become a success in this business takes more than great swings and a good eye. It takes patience, time and persistence. In other words, you may have to eat, sleep and breathe golf, which is most likely not a problem for all of you enthusiasts out there.


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