Tuesday, December 04, 2007

How To Debind Velobind Bound Documents

One of the things that users like the most about GBC Velobind / SureBind strip binding systems is their security. Law offices, government agencies and accountants choose this binding style because it is permanent and tamper resistant. However, the security that these binding systems provide can become a problem if you ever need to add or delete pages from your document. For this reason, GBC has developed a Velobind / SureBind debinder tool. This specialized tool is equipped with a razor blade that helps you to safely remove the binding strips from your documents. Here are five simple steps to help you use your Velobind Debinder tool:

1. Place the document face down on a surface. The Velobind strip should be at your right with the formed rivet heads up.

2. Holding the document in place with the left hand and using the debinder with the right hand, insert the blade between the strip and the document cover. Make certain that the Debinder tool is snug against the right edge of the document to provide shearing leverage. Pull the Velobind Debinder tool towards you until it contacts the first stud.

3. With the debindder snug against the right side of the document and continuing to pull towards you, swing the handle of the Debinder to the right, away from the document. This automatically shears the first stud.

4. Move the Debinder to the next stud, swing to shear, pull to the next stud, swing to shear, pull to the next stud and so on. For rapid debinding, the Debinder can be pulled toward the user in one continuous motion after the first stud has been sheared. This does require a fairly strong hand, and extreme caution should be used with this method to avoid tearing the coverstock.

5. Remove the plastic strips, and debinding is complete. If you need to rebind the document you will need to use a new binding strip since the old one has been cut.

Attempting to Debind GBC Velobind and Surebind documents without the GBC Velobind Debinder tool can be very dangerous because such a sharp blade is required. If you have a Velobind machine you should definitely consider owning a Debinder tool for your office. However, it is important to note that this tool is not designed for use with 4 pin or 6 pin Velobind Strips which are Recloseable and can be reused.


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