Tuesday, December 04, 2007

How to Choose The Right Fine Diamond Jewelry For Your Lover

When buying diamond jewelry for your lover, you will definitely want to buy the best for her. To choose the right piece for your lover, you will first need to spend some time educating yourself about diamonds. Especially if you are choosing a wedding ring, you need to make sure that it is flawless.

When choosing diamond, you need to consider what we call, the 4Cs. 4Cs stand for carat, cut, clarity and colour. These 4Cs is very important and you should always use it to help you choose the right one. So let us now discuss in more detail what 4Cs are about:

1. The Carat. This stands for the weight of a diamond. A larger carat is equivalent to a heavier diamond. Although larger diamonds are more expensive and impressive, they may not have a better clarity and colour when compared to those smaller diamonds.

2. The Cut. This refers to how the diamond is being cut, fashioned and designed by the manufacturer. There are tons of diamond shapes for you to choose from. Some of the shapes are oval, round, square, heart-shaped, pear-shaped, etc. Each kind of shape will bring out a different kind of overall appearance when your lover wears it. For those diamonds which have more facets, it will allow more light to reflect. A round-shaped diamond has the most facets and will absolutely make your ring sparkles.

3. The Clarity. Diamonds with good clarity has lesser flaws. Nowadays, it is very hard to find diamond which is completely flawless. Usually most of the diamonds in retailer outlets have some type of flaws which cannot be seen even under a strong magnification. Diamonds without flaws are rare stuffs, which are definitely more expensive and harder to find.

4. The Colour. Colourless diamonds are the most popular among women. There are a lot of colours for you to choose from. It can range from white, green, yellow, pink, red, black, purple, etc.

Besides knowing the 4Cs, you will also need to have a certain idea what kind of diamonds your lover prefers? Is she more interested in the carat of a diamond or the clarity and cut of it? As long as you can choose a diamond jewelry which captures your lover preference, you are one step nearer in capturing her heart.

Once you have all these information on hands, you will be able to go out there and choose the right diamond jewelry for your lover.


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