Friday, December 07, 2007

How Can Flaxseeds Treat Sexual Disorders and Other Ailments?

Natural cures and remedies have become very popular over the last couple of decades in the United States and other countries as well. One of the most popular methods for natural treatments are remedies and supplements obtained from herbs and plants. One of the most interesting in recent history is the use of flaxseeds. Flaxseeds are used as a kind of cure-all for many different ailments, and they may inadvertently even have beneficial qualities for sexual disorders.

Why are Flaxseeds Beneficial?

Flaxseeds are very beneficial for many reasons. One of the reasons is because flaxseeds contain alpha-linolenic acid which is a part of the group of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary to maintain a healthy, well-nourished body.

Flaxseeds also contain lignans which have antioxidant effects and may even be effective to prevent certain types of cancer. One type of cancer that flaxseeds may help prevent his prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is a well-known cause of sexual disorders.

Flaxseeds and Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most prevalent cancer among men, with the exception of skin cancer. Prostate cancers generally found among men that are over the age of 65. This cancers generally not lethal, as it can be found in early stages with proper screening in most cases. While it is not lethal, it may still have side effects such as causing sexual disorders.

There are a couple of different methods to diagnose prostate cancer. Perhaps the most well known and most feared method for men, involves a digital rectal exam. Another method is called a prostate-specific antigen test. This test searches for the specific antigen in a person’s blood, which can indicate prostate cancer. This test, however, is somewhat controversial as it does not necessarily indicate cancer all the time.

This type of test is particularly argued, because of the fact that may lead to treatment for prostate cancer when prostate cancer in fact does not exist within the patient. Treatment for prostate cancer can lead to sexual disorders as well as a loss of bladder control.

Flaxseeds may be helpful in preventing a sexual disorder of this nature by helping to prevent the cancer itself. While the effectiveness of flaxseeds is still controversial, and as of yet not proven to the scientific community’s satisfaction, the suggestion that it may have beneficial effects in preventing cancer is enough to cause many individuals to incorporate it into their diet.

An individual that is considering incorporating flaxseeds into their diet should speak with their doctor beforehand, particularly if they intend to take flaxseeds supplements in the form of a pill or powder. This is due to the fact that although it may be natural, it can still have side effects.


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