Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Golf Careers to Suit Your Personality

According to a 2005 study by Golf Digest magazine, there are over 35,000 golf courses currently operating worldwide, and over half of these courses are located in the United States. This means the golf industry is a booming job market filled with seamless opportunities for enthusiastic golf-lovers, like you.

And, best of all, there are many different kinds of golf careers in this lucrative industry. If you are wondering which career will suit you best, simply allow your personality to guide you in the right direction. For example, if you are a people-person, always ready to help a fellow golf enthusiast improve his or her swing, then maybe a golf instructor is the job for you. Or, perhaps you are more of a quiet artist. Maybe you would enjoy a career in golf coarse design rather than out on the playing field. Below are some golf careers, which may interest you as a trained golf professional.

Professional golfer: Many golfers dream about being the next Tiger Woods or Annika Sorenstam. Anything is possible. With time, patience, and a boatload of skill, you can also become one of the golfing elite. However, don’t think this is something that is instantaneous. Most professional golfers have paid their dues, and have worked their way up the career ladder by starting as assistants.

Sales and marketing: No doubt about it, golf is a huge business. Courses and resorts are always in competition to draw players. This is why they need the best sales and marketing team they can acquire. If you have sales or marketing skills and a strong passion for golf, consider incorporating both your interests into a sales or marketing golf position.

Golf course design: If it weren’t for the visual conceptions of artists and architects, the beautiful golf courses located around the world would not exist. If you are an artist who happens to love golf, put your skills to the test and study for a golf career in golf course design.

Equipment specialist: Even the big guns, like Camilo Villegas or Vijay Singh rely on equipment specialists to help them with their game. After all, if a golfer’s equipment is not suited flawlessly to the individual, his or her game will suffer noticeably. As an equipment specialist, you will fit golfers in the proper equipment using a fitting system and a PGA-recognized golf range. You will be the go to guy for fixing and perfecting golf equipment.

But before you can pursue your dream of working in the golf industry, you must choose an accredited golf school to attend. A golf academy will not only show you how to master your golf skills, but it will also train you on the fundamentals and artistry of the game. Plus, this is the best way to learn much more about all of the different golf careers at your fingertips.


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