Friday, December 07, 2007

Discover One Of The Most Popular Places to Retire In Mexico

Ultimately, the best place to retire is going to be the one that best suits your needs in what you are looking for.

Mexico is one of the hottest retirement spots and there are a number of locations that can provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

The first thing to decide is whether or not you want to really mingle with the local crowd or be in a community with expatriates who speak your language and have stores, shops, and markets that cater to non local tastes.

Then you need to look at weather there are three basic types in Mexico. Areas that contain spring like weather most of the year, hot and humid or hot and dry. The climates run from hot and humid on the coast to spring like, then hot and dry as you reach the interior.

One of the most popular places to retire is probably San Miguel De Allende. It’s a city located in Central Mexico that offers both access to a local community as well as an expatriate community.

It is popular because of the culture, slower pace, and weather. It’s location a few hours away from Mexico city offers a early spring feel in fall and winter and late spring during the spring and summer months making it beautiful all year round.

The city is approximately 80,000 people with an expatriate population of around 5000. This means you can have plenty of interaction with both languages and cultures blending easily in a quiet town.

American comforts like cable are available and large store shopping is available a short drive away in the terms of a Wal-Mart and the bulk store Costco. It has one of the largest libraries in Mexico that caters to a bilingual population. The Texas border is about ten hours away, Mexico city international airport is four and the airport in Leon is a mere ninety minutes away.

Housing is inexpensive compared to American prices, taxes are low and there is plenty in the way of activities from golfing to tennis and local arts and crafts.

It is also a city and community with a large and long history evident it cathedrals and older cobbled streets.

There is a thriving art community so things like concerts, plays, art shows and other performances are available on a regular basis in addition to a number of classes.

Great weather, the opportunity to mingle not just with expatriates but also with the local communities and culture as well as being centrally located gives San Miguel de Allende a perfect set up to being the best place to retire in Mexico.

There are even a number of language schools that are available and the locals are always willing to lend a hand while being open and friendly.

So when looking for places to retire this is probably one of the communities that should be on the top of the list to consider and look at when at Mexico.


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