Friday, December 07, 2007

Apartment Buildings Will Make You Wealthy

When you are in the commercial real estate market, particularly in apartment investing, one way to reduce your financial risk is by investing in duplexes. You will cut your risk by half with duplexes and cut it by even more with quadplexes. This is because the more units you have under one roof the easier it is to absorb tenant turnover. It is generally rare to have all the apartment units empty at the same time, unless the building is being remodeled and the vacancies are planned. With these properties there is generally enough tenants that if one unit is empty, it’s not going to affect the profit from the investment. Nor will there come a time when you will need to place any of your income into this property, as there will always be enough tenant-generated income. Apartment
building investing is considered a wise investment because as long as there are tenants, enough income is coming in to pay the loan and cover the taxes and other money needed to maintain the property.

When a commercial real estate property is bought properly, other people pay your loan amount. The tenants pay your mortgage and expenses, and most importantly, they pay you. Because this is true, the more units you have under one roof, such as the number of tenants in a duplex or quadplex, the more your initial investment will pay off.

Another advantage of investing in commercial real estate is forced appreciation. This concept can be so profitable it can be compared to legally printing your own money. To take advantage of this, look for apartment buildings with some fixable structural or cosmetic problems and fix them. These properties may be ones that other commercial real estate investors are passing up rather than fix the existing problems. If it just needs simple updates to make it more profitable, it may be an excellent investment opportunity. Any commercial real estate property once repaired, modernized or even just painted, will instantly be worth more. In some cases, this may entail something as simple as creating new parking spaces for the tenants or laying new carpet. There is an initial cost with any improvements you make, but it can be regained quickly by either renting at a higher price or reselling the property. Apartment building investing is not just about owning the property for yourself and making the money back through rent. Apartment investing is often about buying a property as inexpensively a possible, making necessary repairs and then selling it for a tidy profit.


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