Friday, December 07, 2007

All About The Amazing Walk-In Tub

One of the most innovative creations of our time is the walk-in tub. This tub offers independence to those who would otherwise have to depend on others to assist them with the bathing process.

Constructed of high-quality fiberglass, these sturdy tubs are low maintenance. They also offer the finest in safety features and convenience. A twenty-four inch wide door swings inward and seals when closed.

The five inch high threshold makes entering and exiting the tub safer that having to step over the high sides of a conventional bath tub. This also prevents the loss of balance and the possibility of slipping and falling.

With a forty-six gallon capacity, these tubs allow one to soak away the cares, aches, and pains of the day. A cushioned, contoured seat provides a safe place to rest while bathing.

The faucets are within easy arms reach. The extendable showerhead assists in getting to all the hard to reach places as well as rinsing shampoo out of the hair and soap off of the body. The floor, as well as the seat, is designed with a slip-proof material to ensure safe footing. An enhanced faucet reduces the time it takes to fill the tub.

A special drain has been installed to reduce the time that it takes to drain the water out of the tub. This is a very important feature if a person has a medical condition that requires immediate attention and must be removed from the tub first. Grab bars are standard in all walk-in tubs.

Another feature that the tub is equipped with is the anti-scald water mixing valve. This feature prevents the water temperature from exceeding a preset temperature. The walk-in tub also has air propelled hydrotherapy jets.

This allows for a water massage that would not be possible for the same amount of time if it were water propelled, thus allowing for a longer, more relaxing massage. There is a temperature sensor that adjusts and maintains the heat of the jets.

Perhaps one of the best features of this tub is the fact that the water is not recirculated the way it is in a whirlpool or in a Jacuzzi. The water is always drained so that the tub can be wiped with a disinfectant cleanser.

This is very important if a person has diabetes, an open wound, or is recovering from a recent surgical procedure. Draining the water maintains a bacteria free environment, which is necessary if someone else is going to use the same tub.


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