Friday, November 16, 2007

A Beginners Guide To Writing Love Letters

When learning how to write a love letter you need to know what a love letter is all about. A love letter is an increasingly popular way to express your feeling and emotions of love in written form. Many love letters are sent in the mail and now with the ever increasing use of computers more and more are sent via email.

A love letter can be anything from a short focused simple message of love to someone special or a lengthy explanation of feelings. Really, it depends on your feeling for the person you are thinking of writing to.

When deciding on how to write a love letter you need to be sure in your mind that a love letter is the best way to go. If this is the case, then a well crafted love letter will be preferable to face to face contact because they can be written as the thoughts come to the author.

Give yourself time to plan you love letter and gather your thoughts before you begin to write. This will allow feelings to be much more easily expressed than if you were in the presence of your beloved’s presence. Even more so, writing down and expressing strong emotional feelings on paper can be an expression within itself of desire and the importance of the beloved and the lover’s emotions.

When I learnt how to write a love letter, I did so because I wanted to establish a new relationship with someone whom I was attracted to. I quickly realized that sending a love letter was a rarity and the consequent emotional charm of my letter won the day! Clearly a well written love letter illustrates the emotional importance of the message.

There is no one correct style to write a love letter and it can be written in any style or structure. A popular method is in the form of a sonnet or a form of an I love you poem.

If you need any examples on how to write a lover letter, just read and study Shakespeare’s sonnets. These are almost always cited as very good examples of how to write emotional themes. Also take a look at published books collecting models and suggestions for love letters. There are some excellent templates you can use, which makes the writing of love letters much easier.

Many writers like to present a love letter on beautifully produced paper sealed in a scented envelope. You can even use your own scent or perfume to add that extra touch. This will always strengthen the impact of the letter.


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