Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Larry Wachowski's sex change is complete, first photo emerges!

First, I direct you to our previous article, which revealed the truth behind Larry Wachowski's rumored sex change.

Posted over a year ago, we had no inkling of how far his transformation would go...until now.

Here is a shot of larry a few years back, when he fist began taking the female hormone therapy:

Another photo, about a year and a half later:

And this newly released photo from a rare public appearance earlier this year:

The duo will now just be known as "The Wachowskis", dropping the "brothers" part of their name. It is expected that Larry, now called Lana, will actually speak to the press about this for the first time, but not until after the Speed Racer film is out. The current feeling is that his sex change could hurt the family image the Speed Racer film is going for.

It is also expected that Andy will do all the press for the Speed Racer film, with Larry/Lana staying in the background for the above reason.

Dateline NBC is still rumored to have exclusivity of Larry/Lana's first public interview, but it has to be on his terms, not theirs.

More on this as we get it!


  1. Anonymous1:11 AM

    The Wachowskis rock-- kudos!
    Respect our TG friends.

  2. If the person formerly known as Larry is happy, then more power say I.


    The Banjo Players Must Die

  3. Andrea9:10 AM

    The trans community knew about Lana a while ago, but then there are a lot of gossip hounds amongst us